Daylight saving: When does it end? What does the clock do?

When does daylight saving end? Photo: Shutterstock
When does daylight saving end? Photo: Shutterstock

The mornings are darker, the days seem longer... Daylight saving has started to feel like a burden rather than the fun fiesta it feels like in summer.

So when does daylight saving actually end?

On Sunday, April 7, at 2am. 

And what does my clock do?

Your clock goes one hour back (gaining that extra hour sleep - yes!) 

Your phone and smart watch should change itself while you're sleeping. But if your house features an analogue clock, an old school digital clock or a watch that is not smart, you'll have to do the changing yourself. Same goes for your car. 

After that the mornings are lighter, the sun goes down at a "more sensible" time in the evening. 

When does daylight saving start again? 

You don't have to worry about DST again until Sunday, October 6, so we can talk about that then.

In the meantime we want to know...