Rudall wins tennis Grand Final | PHOTOS

Rudall have claimed the Eastern Eyre Tennis premiership for the first time in eighteen years after a dramatic finish in the Grand Final against Arno Bay.

Reigning champions Arno Bay came into the evening of matches undefeated for the season but Rudall pulled out all the stops, recalling Troy and Jack Grosser to the side after their recent move to Adelaide.

From the doubles matches it was clear it would be going down to the wire, with sets even at six-all, and Arno Bay just two ahead on games.

Stacy Michael and Lani Hartwig were the dominant duo for Arno Bay, winning 6-0, 6-2 against Kelly Dolling and Angus Turner.

Thomas Weiss and Brady Norris impressed for Rudall with the exact same scoreline against Ian Wedding and Seth Hutchins.

The suspense built during the singles, as results began to trickle in with neither team clearly favoured.

Arno Bay looked close to taking the lead, before a scoring mix-up saw Prue Stringer and Grantley Siviour return to the court after previously recording an Arno Bay win.

Siviour went on to claim a 7-5 victory, keeping the team score well in the balance.

Brady Norris continued his winning form with a 6-0 victory over Seth Hutchins, while Kade Harwig earned a 6-0 win for Arno Bay against Adam Crosby.

Players crowded around the scoreboard to do the maths with one match still underway; Arno Bay's Neil Ramsey against Rudall's Jack Grosser.

Arno Bay was up by one set and two games up, leaving Grosser with a significant challenge to get his team over the line, unbeknownst to him.

Cheers went up among the Rudall crowd as the pair returned from the court, Grosser the 6-1 victor.

The final score was Arno Bay 102 def by Rudall 105.

It was the first time Rudall took the top honours since the 2000-2001 season.