Softball finals begin in Cleve

PITCH: Lexi Hutchins of the Slammers.
PITCH: Lexi Hutchins of the Slammers.

Slammers 33 def Lock 14

Slammers batted first cruising through their innings, scoring 10 runs before handing the bat to Lock.

Tight fielding made it difficult for Lock to advance bases and saw only two make it home safely before Kristen Siviour caught a high flier in left field to dismiss Sophie Kraehe for side away.

Second innings saw Slammers add another nine runs to their quickly growing tally before getting Lock three up-three down after a quick double play by Carlie Woods.

Third innings saw Slammers add another five runs, with four home at once on a grand slam by Woods and Lock with five of their own.

In the fourth, tight fielding by both teams kept runs low.

Slammers batted confidently in the fifth, a comedy of errors seeing another seven find their way home.

Shannon Atkins took a fantastic catch.

Lock added seven to their total before Donna Bowey hit a big one, caught by Kristen.

Thank you to the umpires who travelled from Port Lincoln and did an excellent job.