Kimba basketball wraps up | PHOTOS

The Kimba Basketball Association season has concluded, with trophies recently presented to the best and fairest players across divisions.

Blue took the win in the sub-junior Grand Final, with Green named junior premiers.

In the senior divisions, the Blue women's team won their Grand Final, while Red took out the Men's.

Trophies were awarded within each team in the junior and sub-junior divisions.

Jackson Yates, Cooper Hanan, Heath Wood and Ollie Woolford took out the sub-junior awards.

In the junior division, Tanna Maitland and Bryce Cant were trophy winners for Green, Delaney Williams and Jasmine Beinke were top players for Red, Elke Moseby-Read and Sienna Glare won for Purple and Mac Seal and Chelsea Beinke claimed the trophies for Blue.

Men's and Women's Best and Fairest trophies were awarded across the senior divisions.

Thomas Klingberg won the Men's trophy ahead of equal runners-up Aaron Johnson and Isaiah Nield.

Amber Pengelley won the Women's ahead of runner-up Krystal Mills.