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Rail loss a big one

Please keep our railways going because if the railways close down it will be a big loss to Eyre Peninsula.

Our railways were built by the old pioneers which created work. 

Don Dunstan selling the railway was the biggest mistake ever made.


Port Lincoln

All getting their say

In response to Bruce Wilson's letter (February 28), my truth is that only those who agree with Mr Wilson or the government count in this issue.

We now know that the premier and the state minister will approve the storage of nuclear waste (now illegal) if Kimba votes for the dump.

Funny, I thought the population of South Australia was a lot more than the 700 at Kimba to decide that South Australia is the place.

As far as the production of nuclear medicine, how much of the waste created by exports to the citizens of the world will be coming to Kimba or Hawker?

As far as sites 'volunteered' by landholders at four times or more the market price why not simply negotiate some land from the vast government or corporate controlled land?

After all, the area required, is similar to a couple of Olympic swimming pools

Mr Wilson and the department have not been transparent with the type of waste that will be stored and the jobs only jumped to 45 very late with Intermediate waste in the public frame.

And the licence needed from the independent regulator for the storage of Intermediate waste at Kimba, is not guaranteed.

We can appreciate why, when we look at Mr Wilson's description about "temporary storage of intermediate level waste over a few decades" as officials acknowledge it has a life of 1000 years.

Does anyone believe the government will remove this material in a "few decades"?



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Angela Harris was appointed Drought Project Officer for the Cleve District

Hope it goes well, Angela. The advisory role should be of great assistance to those in need. Sourcing information for themselves on top of managing the reality of daily demands a farmer faces would be last on their list I would think. Hope you are able to make a significant difference.

Corinne and Barry

Whyalla Organised Rides held a fundraiser for Kimba's Henry Larwood

Motorcycle riders usually have hearts of gold, over here in the States. Glad they do there, too. Well done!


Blue swimmer crab fishers called to extend the zone south

Yep - great idea.... lets clean the whole of the place out so no-one can get a crab.


A Centre Alliance senator called for action following the EP rail closure

There isn't much time to bring the road infrastructure up to handling the increase in road trains. So the government has known for 8 years that the rail will close… the amount of money needed for passing lane and road widening hasn't happened and by time the rail closes… there isn't time. It is probably a good thing we are having a couple of not so good years on the land, road trains, grey nomads and skinny roads are not a good mix. Port Lincoln's streets are going to to be a nightmare to drive.