Women take the lead at twilight golf

GOLF: One week remains for Twilight Golf this season.
GOLF: One week remains for Twilight Golf this season.

Twilight golf with preferred lies

Friday was International Women's Day so it was really quite fitting that they ruled the course at twilight golf.

There were not a single pair of red high heels to be seen, but it was Lesley Bartel who led the way with a very handy 21 stableford points to take the penultimate win for the twilight golf season.

Suzy Edwards was the runner up after a count back from part-time golfer Tania 'Feminist' Mason.

Apparently Mason could be heard moaning something about quotas.

However, this may have referred to the number of bottles of wine the ladies can down in comparison with the blokes' beers.

Just so we keep things equal, Dylan 'Pockets' Jenner had the best score of the twilight blokes on 16 points.

Once again, there were no high heels in sight.

The accurate one was Iggy Honan on number two while Tim-I-won-again Weddell was best on number three.

Dave 'I shore 150' Cummings was closest on number four for two.

Next week will be the last round of twilight golf so get along.

Keep in mind that daylight is getting short these days so you will need to be early.


L. Bartel 21 ; S. Edwards 18; D. Jenner 16; I. Honan 15; D. Cummings 15; S. Elleway 15; D. Gillings 15; B. Schubert 14; T. Weddell 13; T. Rodda 13; N. Fitzgerald 12; A. Crettenden 8. C. Tarran 8.