Horoscopes: week beginning March 17

ARIES: March 17 to May 6 brings expansionary influences into the lives of Aries, broadening their knowledge and experience of life through travel and education. This period brings happiness and positivity through these matters, as well as legal and publishing interests. Things flow more easily before April 12.

TAURUS: After April 12 and until August 11, delays in funding are likely to be experienced. This also applies if you are expecting a refund of any kind or proceeds from a sale, or awaiting the processing of a will. Nonetheless, there is an accent on these matters over the coming two months, with matters dealt with more swiftly before April 12.

GEMINI: Marriage and business partnerships blossom under the positive trends operational during March 17 to May 6. This is a time of sociability, happiness, and connecting with people who are good for you. However, following April 11 for four months benefits are delayed and joint activities meet with obstacles.

CANCER: Work opportunities abound for Cancer natives this year, but especially between March 17 to May 6. If you want to reap benefits earlier rather than later, then don’t dilly dally in capitalising on these opportunities as they stall for a while after April 11. This same period is also excellent in dealing with any health issues you may have.

LEO: March 17 to May 6 is an extremely positive time for the children of Leonine parents, bestowing success and happiness. Leo revels in these developments and also has more time to enjoy their own recreational interests. A blossoming romance will bring great joy to those Leos who are so inclined. Delays in benefits occur after April 11.

VIRGO: Virgo natives are keen to expand their residence, improve family life, or refurbish their home at the moment. This trend is extremely strong during March 17 to May 6, and you are not inclined to spare any expense in doing so. Just keep in mind that, although this is a good period, things may not happen as quickly as you expect. There are some delays after April 11 for a number of months.

LIBRA: That fancy mobile phone, computer, or dream car is on Libra’s list this year, with a strong tendency to secure your dreams during March 17 to May 6. The price tag is high but this is not of great concern to you. This is also an excellent time for all forms of communication, negotiation, and planning, with plans set to be realised within months.

SCORPIO: March 17 to May 6 is a particularly important time for income and possessions, as Scorpio seems to be set to land a well-paid job or achieve a pay rise. With more cash in your pocket, you’ll be keen to spend on things that make your life easier and happier. If expected events don’t come to pass by April, delays will last a number of months.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is in a positive frame of mind during March 17 to May 6, as they enjoy their freedom to explore the world in whatever way they see fit. This could mean overseas or interstate travel, or the embarkation on a new course of study to expand the mind. You have breadth of vision now that assists you in making good judgments.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn seems to derive the most benefits during March 17 to May 6 from working behind the scenes, reflecting on life, and dealing with their own personal issues. You’ll be sure to get any assistance you need, and the peace and quiet you experience will help you to gain a new perspective on an old situation.

AQUARIUS: March 17 to May 6 brings an active round of social activity and high potential for personal achievement in Aquarian lives. Opportunities come easily as do friends, making life more pleasant and easier to reach your goals. Keep in mind that delays in your goals may occur between April 11 and August 11, as well as benefits from social interests.

PISCES: Pisces’ career horizons are expanding and may well take you into the realms of education, law, publishing, or travel during March 17 to May 6. Positive opportunities emerge that may also require some travel but that will also bring a great deal of satisfaction and prosperity. Delays in some aspects of these matters are likely to occur for a while after April 11.

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