Yabbies take win

There was only one game played on Friday 22nd February the Red team took on the Blue Yabbies, with the Blue Yabbies taking the points at the end of the game.

At the start of the game the ball flowed smoothly up and down the court with not many scoring opportunities.

New player for the Yabbies Body Grocke at goal keeper played a great game against Reds goal shooter Fergus Slape, a great match up between the two.

The next two quarters showed some great friendly competitive play by all players.

New players to the game have been picking up the rules quickly.

There were lots of high fast passes through the centre.

Players were finding it hard to get the ball into the goal circle as the defences were working hard at both ends.

The third quarter saw both teams score four goals each to put the score at Red 8 to Yabbies 12.

The last quarter saw the umpires on the ball as players were tiring and more penalties were taking place.

The Yabbies picked up the pace and started to put the ball through the ring easier than previous quarters.

Jake Sampson was playing hard for the Yabbies, turning over plenty of balls in the centre court.

New player for the Red team Cody Pahl came into the game defending and intercepting well.

The final score was Blue Yabbies 18 to Red 11.