Letters to the editor

Facility should be scrapped

My concerns are not with ANSTO, I appreciate and am aware of the work that is done there and its value.

My concern is the disposal of the waste that is created in the proposed National Radioactive Waste Facility in the Kimba district.

I realise the need for the waste facility for Australia’s waste only. 

If it is as safe as claimed why transport the waste half way across Australia to become the responsibility of the rural community also when we have so much arid and semi-arid land in Australia.

The site will be here for hundreds if not thousands of years the responsibility of future generations.

I went to the first meeting organised by Rowan Ramsey our federal member, he said it would be low level waste that would be deposited in the proposed site.

The next meeting there would also be stored on a temporary basis intermediate level waste for a time of approximately three or four decades and an offer of ten million dollars and 15 jobs.

Now it is $31 million plus two million dollars every year for at least two years, a total of $35 million, plus 45 jobs.

The storage time for the intermediate waste could be 100 years.  

The cost to build the waste facility is estimated to be approximately $200 million.

The 100 hectares of land will become federal government property, our local government, state government and present federal government will have no control over its future use.

The money offered is a bribe to call it anything else is just playing with words.

Regarding the proposed voting, at present between 700 and 800 people in the Kimba district have the right to vote.

The population of South Australia is approximately 1.5 million people.

The voters in the Kimba district will make the decision as to whether not only Kimba or Eyre Peninsula but the whole of South Australia will have a radioactive waste facility whether they want it or not. 

It is undemocratic, unfair, the whole proposition should be scrapped.

Eyre Peninsula is a unique part of South Australia, don’t spoil it with a radioactive waste facility.



Well done to Port Neill

Having grown up in Port Neill in the 1950s, the last visit being 10 years ago, my wife and I recently returned for a short stay.

In spite of negative comments in latter years of the town's decline, we were extremely pleased to find the positive changes that have been implemented.

Notably the foreshore area with landscaping, signage, walking trails and mosaic seat depicting local birds.

According to the locals, under the new licensees, the hotel has greatly improved, and we enjoyed very good meals there.

In my childhood days the town boasted two grocery stores, a butcher, baker and post office.

Over the years this was eroded to one store with limited facilities.

Full credit to the Pfitzner family who are doing a remarkable job of providing essential and valuable services to the local community.

On visiting the Tumby Bay Museum, Grant was very helpful in searching for family information and photos, some of which we had never seen before.

Well done to all Port Neill residents who are doing their best to keep this lovely little seaside town alive and well.


Sunshine Coast, Qld