More ladies encouraged at twilight golf

So what do Julie Bishop, Kelly O’Dwyer and Julia Banks have in common with the Cleve Twilight Golf ladies?

Well they simply were not being represented and it took a visit from ‘long ago’ member Pattie Berghuis to spring them back into action on Friday.

Pat enacted a ‘quota target’ and a few of the ‘Femme de Golfes’ exercised their rights with a 300 per cent rise in the rank and file.

Previously their numbers were zero.

Not only did Pat stir up those, who in her day, would have been termed ‘associates,’ but she had plenty to say about the current handicap system.

She called for a Royal Commission into the Cleve Club’s handling of the fairer sex!

Commissioner Honan QC will deliver his verdict on February 15 on SKY, or possibly out the front of the clubhouse.

Those witnesses at the scene were quite positive of the outcome, but wisely did not express an opinion for fear of reprisals!

In other news, N. Fitzgerald put a nice round together.

He pinched the cream buns from Benson Secker who also had his first win but had to put up with a burnt sausage for the runner up prize.

Nice to see Mail Medallist Jack Kenny rebound from last week’s critique with a handy score, as well as the playing partner and grandson of the aforementioned ‘associate!’

The accurate ones for the evening were Ernie Weddell on  number 7, Fitzgerald on number three and Trent ‘I’m always on the news’ Rodda on number four.


N. Fitzgerald 21, B. Secker 21, K. Baxter 20, G. Cook 20, L. Bartel 19, T. Jenner 19, D. Turnbull 19, J. Schubert 18, D. Jenner 17, J. Kenny 17, A. Clements 17, P. Bammann 16, T. Weddell 16, L. Shambrook 15, S. Edwards 13, A. Crettenden 13, I. Honan 12, S. Elleway 12, P. Crosby 12, D. Cummins 11, L. Elliott 7, B. Schubert 6, P. Berghuis, plenty.