Mixed Netball at Lock | PHOTOS

The first game of the second week of Mixed Netball was between the Roos and the Blue Team; the Yabbies.

The Yabbies team got off to a good start moving the ball nicely down the court.

Blues player Dusty Wheare played a quick game through the centre.

Saxon Kay was moving quick in the goal circle and shooting well.

Roos player Shannon Atkins played strong in the goals, with Guy Morton playing hard through the centre directing many balls to his goal end.

Even play continued as well as the penalties, with even scoring throughout the game.

The Yabbies took the points, winning by three goals.

The final score was Yabbies 18 def Roos 15.

The second game of the night was played between the Red team and the Roosters.

There was improvement on court by both teams as the ball flowed down the court with all players attacking and defending well.

The red team’s Ash Dwyer worked hard attacking and defending the ball, playing strongly through the centre.

Jane Pearce played tirelessly through the thirds, passing well.

The Roosters had the upper hand for most of the game with Christie Zerk in goals shooting well, playing a strong game.

Ella Williams played both ends of the court well.

The Roosters took the win 35 to 16, a stronger team on the night with better accuracy in the goal ring.