Dramatic count-back in Twilight Golf


TWILIGHT: Cleve golfers meet for the Friday competition.

TWILIGHT: Cleve golfers meet for the Friday competition.

A healthy field of shifty characters played Friday night in ideal conditions.

They were led by the shiftiest of them all; Trent Rodda aka Pal.

Turns out his partner and card marker ‘Baker Boy’ Fitzgerald had to nick off early to manage his shortcrust!

So Pal gets him to sign his card (mind you it looked awfully like Pal’s writing) therefore marking his own card for the last four holes!

Not only that, he tries to sneak in a deliberate mistake on his score to win, but got caught out this time when after a correction, it was runner-up to Jay Schubert (three-way countback) who had a very handy 19 points with probably a pretty shifty handicap.

In other news, Mail Medallist Jack Kenny reckons golf is way harder than footy, scoring one more point for nine holes than Jay had on one!

Dan Bastian was the big hitter on #9 and Snappy Tom got the close one on #6.

Snappy Tom Gillings is still not keen on writing anything other than numbers along with Baker Boy, both clearly can’t be bothered writing their names on the entry sheet!

They did however put in their card money, so all good.

Speaking of names, this is how our scoresheet could look sometimes: Snowy, Pal, Ping, Gutta, Bassy, Pockets, Tick, Floyd, Eee, Onslow, Shammy, Critter, Bammo, Turtle, Tazza, Sunni, Snappy, Fitzy!

Any wonder I have trouble!


J. Schubert 19, T. Rodda 19, I. Honan 19, A. Clements 17, D. Bastian 16, D. Jenner 16, T. Jenner 16, F. Schumann 16, S. Elleway 15, B. Schubert 14, L. Shambrook 14, A. Crettenden 14, P. Bammann 13, P. Crosby 13, C. Tarran 11, J. Kenny 6, DNW T. Gillings, N. Fitzgerald.