Flashback Friday | 1999

The January of 1999 was a warm one, with many finding any excuse to spend their summer in the water, either through swimming lessons or spending their free time at the best beaches.

Locals enjoyed the classic community events which define the Eastern Eyre Peninsula during the festive season.

As always, creative floats lined the streets for the annual Christmas pageants, including Quinn’s Transport with an air balloon theme.

Well over 2000 attended the annual Cowell fireworks, which were growing in extravagance year by year.

Bowling clubs across the region crowned their champions for the 1998-1999 season.

The Tribune joined a campaign by curious locals to find the origins of an interesting nickname for Observation Hill.

Meanwhile developments around the town of Cleve did not stop for summer, with work on the school tennis courts and a proposal for a redevelopment of the Institute building.