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No pain, no pills

Emotional and physical pain are both abstract concepts. 

They vary with the individual and the situation. 

Physical pain is certainly an indicator of an individual physical condition.

The medical profession has attempted to set a patient level of pain by referring to the famous pain scale where patients are encouraged to rate their level of pain from 0 (no pain) to 10 (excruciating pain). 

Of course, addicted individual will always exaggerate the pain begging for more pain killer drugs.

Lately data shows that prescription opiate deaths have risen alarmingly. 

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) declared ‘prescription drugs addiction ‘a national emergency’. Prescription drugs cause the highest numbers of drugs induced deaths.

However, while in hospital, I found that I had difficulty convincing the medical profession that I had no need for pain killers. 

They looked at me suspiciously. 

The medical staff were very good and competent in their profession but when I told them that the pain was bearable and actually not too bad, they came back with strong pain killers. 

Back home, I mentioned this to a friend, she laughed and told me that the same thing happened to her. 

The medics asked her about the pain, she had no pain so she answered ‘zero’. 

They didn't believe her either so here comes the pain killers because ‘you shall have no pain!’.

I believe that according to a patient situation the medics have learnt that a certain amount of pain is expected and their response to it has already been programmed in their textbooks.

Their duty is to eradicate any pain. 

The patient's opinion becomes irrelevant.


Port Lincoln

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Web words

Locals and visitors flocked to Port Neill for Under the Pines 2019.

 I particularly enjoyed the Mint Fusion Boutique stall. Lovely ladies and great clothing. 


Congratulations to the committee for an excellent job once again.


Kimba have announced their Australia Day Award winners and the community congratulated them.

What a terrific group of deserving winners. Jodie Joyce you welcome all your customers with the best smile and warmest welcome.


Congratulations to everyone who was recognised with these awards. While many other country towns are slowly fading into obscurity and looking shabby Kimba has been revitalised into the lovely country town that all residents should feel very proud of.


Congratulations to all who have won awards.

Catherine and Daryl

Huge congratulations to Jodie Joyce, Gabi Ashmeade, Pat Beinke and Kimba and Gawler Ranges Historical Society and Museum. The Kimba Health and Wellness weekend was also a great community event. Also to the Kimba Development Group who work tirelessly progressing our community.