Inter-Association Bowls at Streaky Bay

Western Eyre Peninsula took out the Women's Inter-Association Bowls.
Western Eyre Peninsula took out the Women's Inter-Association Bowls.

The cream of women’s bowlers from the Eyre Peninsula converged on Streaky Bay recently to vie for the Region 5 Inter-Association honours.

Eastern, Southern and Western Eyre Peninsula were the three associations involved, with each having six rinks of four players.

Despite trying conditions due to vigorous wind which varied from north-west to south-west, some unbelievable bowls were produced throughout the day.

Most rinks were very evenly contested although there were a few blowouts.

Western Eyre ran out winners with 23.5 points, followed by Southern Eyre with 20 and Eastern Eyre with 4.5 points.


Western EP

  • Mandy Nicholls (Sk), Carol Thomas, Heather Workman, Chris Boylan
  • Sue Rumbelow (Sk), Janine Brown, Denise Stephens, Gaye Oswald
  • Eileen Fitzgerald (Sk), Deb Richter, Melva Freeman, Nancy Bubner
  • Pam Edmunds (Sk), Lisa McEvoy, Josie Williams, Carol Horseman
  • Jeanette Bubner (Sk), Karen Collins, Di Williams, Carmen Hoffrichter
  • Jan Kenny (Sk), Sue Higgins, Kerry Johnson, Jenny McEvoy

Southern EP

  • Sandra Blacker (Sk), Carlene Fraser, Patsy Parsons, Jenny Gosling
  • Helen Minhard (Sk), Jeanette Rynne, Lucille Green, Kerryn Hibbit
  • Chris Gardner (Sk), Chris Hayman, Rosalie Hier, Josie Perone
  • Kath Miller (Sk), Trish Clarke, Javanko Mojtorovic, Sharon Sheehan
  • Danielle Carr (Sk), Ally Baldock, Joylene Pedler, Lou Fuss
  • Vicki Lehmann (Sk), Karen Lynch, Lily Perin, Suzanne Cave

Eastern EP

  • Deb Larwood (Sk), Jacqui Dolling, Louise Craighead, Sue Fisher
  • Angie Turner (Sk), Sue Enright, Cheryl Gale, Bev Berg
  • Kerry Winter (Sk), Helen Harris, Raelene James, Beth Deakin
  • Bev Oswald (Sk), Di Eatts, Deb Grose, Ruth Spriggs
  • Annie Clements (Sk), Marie Mullan, Lorraine Deakin, Ruth Rafferty
  • Heather Michael (Sk), Lynne Snodgrass, Wendy Walladge, Phyliss Forbes

Western EP 108 shots def Eastern Eyre 106 shots

Team Nicholls lost to Team Oswald 18-19, Team Rumbelow lost to Team Clements 13-16, Team Fitzgerald lost to Team Michael 14-18, Team Edmunds defeated Team Larwood 29-7, Team Bubner lost to Team Turner 15-27, Team Kenny drew with Team Winter 19 all.

Western EP 112 shots def Southern EP 108 shots

Team Nicholls defeated Team Blacker 27-14, Team Rumbelow lost to Team Minhard 20-21, Team Fitzgerald lost to Team Gardner 15-17, Team Edmunds defeated Team Miller 26-16, Team Bubner lost to Team Carr 13-17, Team Kenny lost to Team Lehmann 11-23.

Eastern EP 92 shots def by Southern EP 134 shots

Team Larwood lost to Team Blacker 15-16, Team Turner lost to Team Minhard 18-19, Team Winter lost to Team Gardner 14-22, Team Oswald lost to Team Miller 19-21, Team Clements lost to Team Carr 15-29, Team Michael lost to Team Lehmann 11-27.