Wheare and Roberts win championship pairs

A team of Pauline Wheare and Kathie Roberts went into the finals round of the Ladies Championship Pairs after a win against Joan Post and Elaine Schumann.

Beth Deakin and Aileen Elleway lost to Lorraine Deakin and Evelyn Kenny, who went on to play Pauline and Kathie in the final. 

Lorraine and Evelyn had a slow start to their game, down 11/16 on the 11th end but got to within four shots of Pauline and Kathie on the 16th end.

The final score after 18 ends was Pauline and Kathie 22 shots to Lorraine's and Evelyn's 17 shots. 

Ruth Spriggs paired up with Flor Gurreonero in the Plate competition against Glenda Evans and Jacqui Dolling. 

Glenda and Jacqui sealed the competition on the 15th end to win 17 shots to 13.

The men's play off was between a team of Noel Millard and John Schumann, plus 12, from Brenton (Butch) Elliott and Dennis Kenny with plus 7. 

Noel and John were down zip to Butch's 12 shots at one point and weren't able to beat Butch and Dennis's score of 18 shots to 11.