Cleve Area School students complete Premier's Reading Challenge

The Cleve Area School celebrated reading with a presentation for participants in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, while hearing from a local author.

Port Lincoln-based schoolteacher, author and Cleve Area School alumni Mel Quinn spoke about her experience writing the award-winning children’s book Freddie Follows.

She reminded students that it was normal to find reading difficult, drawing on the successful examples of Albert Einstein and Johnny Depp.

Mrs Quinn said it was important to face up to the challenge of reading to learn.

She also shared her own story of self doubt and resilience in getting her first book published and the rejections she faced before eventually succeeding.

Her book Freddie Follows, a children’s book about exclusion, bullying and overcoming peer pressure, recently won a New York City Big Book Award.

Students from Reception to year 6 attended the presentation after participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year.

The challenge encourages students to read at least 12 books through the school year.

Students received awards for the amount of years they had successfully completed the challenge.

Tex Price topped the awards with the ‘Hall of Fame’ medal for completing seven consecutive years.

Students who have long participated received a free book for their efforts.