Honan takes the win in Cleve Golf

In near perfect conditions a few of the die-hard golfers shot some good scores, but the conversation on the veranda afterwards was dominated by three very experienced medical professionals.

Not that anything professional came out of their mouths!

Let’s just say a number of the so called experienced males were ‘given direction’ and possibly some advice on their longevity!

Iggy Honan pinched the chocolates on the night from Greg Cook (runner-up), while Scottie Elleway and Tommy Gillings also had good rounds.

Meanwhile back to the medical professionals; Who knew we had an Uber service in Cleve?

Seems these ladies of the night are prone to one too many champers and then call Uber Bonney?

I hear Baker Boy Fitzy is looking for some coaching, so when you’re next in getting your sausage rolls don’t be afraid to tell him where he’s going wrong.

The accurate ones this week were Greg Cook on three and Daniel Bastian on five.


I. Honan 21, G. Cook 20, T. Gillings 19, S. Elleway 18, D. Cummings 16, D. Turnbull 16, T. Mason 13, S. Edwards 13, D. Bastian 13, N. Fitzgerald 12, A. Clements 11, T. Weddell 11.