Council Elections complete

Provisional results are in for the Cleve and Kimba district council elections.

The Electoral Commission of South Australia are expected to make the results official by the 16th of November.

Provisionally elected candidates for Kimba are:

  • Dean Johnson
  • Thomas Harris
  • Brian Cant
  • Graeme Baldock
  • Peter Rayson
  • Megan Lienert
  • Peta Willmott

Successful candidates for the District Council of Cleve are:

  • Phil Cameron
  • Bryan Trigg
  • Greg Cook
  • Robert Quinn
  • Colin Rayson
  • Grant Fennell
  • Chris Tarran

The Kimba District Council declared the result at 2.02pm, while Cleve followed suit at 3.20pm.

Peta Willmott and Thomas Harris are newcomers to the Kimba District Council, and current mayor Dean Johnson lead the votes with 306 first preference votes from 635.

Three new candidates will join the Cleve District Council, including the most popular candidate Phil Cameron.

Mr Cameron received 273 primary votes from a total of 795.

Successful nominees will vote to determine the Mayor of each council at their first meeting.