Check the pouch to save joeys

A woman who hand raised an orphaned joey is calling for people who accidentally hit kangaroos while driving to ensure they check its pouch in case a joey is trapped inside.

Vet nurse in training Esther Krahge said she decided to hand raise ‘Reggie the roo’ after her friends discovered him near his mother after she was struck by another car just south of Elliston.

Known for her love of animals, she was quickly called to look after the young joey in July.

“There was no one else to take it on,” Miss Krahge said.

“Studying nursing myself and learning about native animals at the same time I thought it was a good idea and opportunity to take it on.

“I understand you can’t save everything but you do your bit.”

When she received Reggie in July he was about seven or eight months old and hand raised him until a few weeks ago where she dropped him off at Pumpkin’s Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary, run by Kym Haywood.

Miss Krahge said many people did not realise what happened to joeys after they were saved in South Australia, where it is illegal to release saved joeys back into the wild.

Mrs Haywood said she started helping kangaroos by chance, much like Miss Krahge, after taking on her first kangaroo ‘Pumpkin’ about two years ago.

She now has 13 kangaroos of varying ages at the sanctuary, and plans to keep growing until she reaches 15.

“The more people that spend time (with the kangaroos) and realise what kind of animal they are...I’m enjoying the experience and so can everyone else,” Mrs Haywood said.