Lock driver safety

Learner and P-plate drivers from Lock, Wharminda, Sheringa and Elliston recently took part in a Young Drivers Training Day at Lock.

The Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee has continued to provide this opportunity to the young drivers of the Lock district in an ongoing attempt to kerb unnecessary road fatalities, debilitating accidents and vehicle damage.

Qualified driving instructors from the Australian Driving Institute (ADI) came over from Adelaide to provide both theoretical and practical driving tuition.

Participants were put through their paces braking at various speeds and manouevring through obstacles.

Particular emphasis was also placed on safe distances between vehicles, fatigue and safe driving practices.

Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee chairman Jamie Siviour said it was a fantastic opportunity for young drivers to get this level of training.

“We have been fortunate to obtain funding from the Elliston District Council which has meant instead of $120 per participant we have been able to offer it free of charge.”

“If today can empower you as a young driver with even just one piece of knowledge that can save an accident then it has been worth it,” said ADI instructor Cameron Wearing said at the conclusion of the day.

“I have been impressed with the maturity of the group and it is refreshing to see the parents and the community working together to help the young people of the Lock community.”

“This has been the sixth successful driver training day that the Advisory Committee has coordinated and judging by the positive feedback from both the young drivers and the parents we will certainly be looking at continuing them in the future,” Mr Siviour said.