Last dirt circuit for the 2018 season

RACE: Hayden Harris leads Shane Harris, Jeff Francis, Kyron McCallum, Noel Watts and Corey Eversen into the pit Straight.
RACE: Hayden Harris leads Shane Harris, Jeff Francis, Kyron McCallum, Noel Watts and Corey Eversen into the pit Straight.

Arno Bay Dirt Circuit held its last race meeting for the season last month.

The event was held with free gate entry and free driver nominations on the October 20.

With 44 nominated drivers and 248 spectators through the gate it was a tremendous night of racing.

The open wheeler class had seven nominated drivers and they all performed outstandingly!

Kalvy Hartwig and Kym Schmitt both raced well, both fighting hard for that top spot.

Andrew Lear was back behind the wheel after previously letting his son Taj race his open wheeler for past meetings, and he finished with brilliant results.

Chloe Chenoweth had a go with the boys and she did a superb job.

Bronte Smith decided to get his car back out for the last race meet of the year.

The modified class again had high numbers.

Ian Ellis did not start the night off well, having to retire after round one due to snapping his radiator.

Damien Morgan had a great night with fantastic results.

Rhys Cummings, Tom Harris and Andrew Schmitt were magnificent to watch as they pushed hard against each other.

Pete Farrelly did not have a good night in the street stock, only finishing once race for the night.

Young Dylan Francis-Kent did not get to race due to snapping the swing arm ball joint.

Ian Ellis Junior was pushing himself to keep up with the front runners but he did not quite end up with the results he was after.

Craig Couzner raced well and he was able to put the car on the trailer at the end of the night.

Jack Grainger is still showing everyone what he has got and he raced extremely well on the night.

With the ladies numbers down this meeting, it was good to see the girls pushing each other for that top spot.

Kate Morgan had a fantastic night, finishing the meeting in first position after racing for five first places.

Chloe Provis had a go back in the ladies and she did an outstanding job.

Elissa Sleep and Stacey Tucker had a great night at the back, both pushing themselves.

The club’s annual general meeting and trophy presentations will be held this weekend on Saturday, November 10.

The AGM starts at 4pm, with tea and presentations after.

All sponsors and spectators are welcome to attend.

The Arno Bay Dirt Circuit Club would like to thank all their valued sponsors for their support of the 2018 race season and hope to see you all again next year.