GALLERY: Ugly Bartender at the Commercial

There was no room to move in the Commercial Hotel in Cowell on Friday night, with locals flooding in for the pub’s U.G.L.Y Bartender shave night.

Four well-known Cowell locals put their hand up to have their long hair or signature beard shaved in front of the crowd.

A surprise fifth volunteer also lost his beard after a bid-off between two men who offered to join in the fun.

Regi Gale shocked the crowd by accepting a significant donation to shave both his eyebrows, along with his beard and hair.

This year has been a particularly successful year for the Commercial Hotel’s fundraising efforts, after the event was handed over to bartender Ethan Grigg.

Before the evening, Mr Grigg’s fundraising efforts had put the tally at $7900, one of the highest in the state.

With all four initial volunteers raising over $1000 each, the total tally is expected to be comfortably over $10,000 once the evening’s fundraising efforts are counted.