Arctic stories told

Yvonne Petherick thanks guests Roger and Cheryl McCallum
Yvonne Petherick thanks guests Roger and Cheryl McCallum

The Cleve Probus club held their October meeting with some special guests.

Cheryl and Roger McCallum visited from Western Australia.

Cheryl is a sister of Bevan Millard from Cleve Probus.

Roger is also the nephew of Mary Edwards from Cleve Probus.

Earlier this year, in June, the pair embarked on an Arctic expedition.

They were cruising on the Sea Princess around a group of islands in Norway.

The couple shared a Powerpoint presentation featuring photos of their trip at the meeting.

The presentation showed spectacular scenery while cruising through fjords surrounded by high cliffs some 350 meters high which are caused by glaciers.

Svalbard, a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, about 1050 kilometres.

Svalbard has a settlement of 2200 people, but it can reach up to 6000 when an unannounced cruise ship docks there.  

It was daylight most of the day in the Arctic Circle during the time of the McCallum’s trip.

Mr and Mrs McCallum were able to take photos of the famous white polar bears as well as bearded seals, walrus, glaciers and bird colonies that nest along the sides of high cliffs. 

They said flowers were rare there because of the snow but they were beautiful.

The pair had photos taken from the top glaciers with a drone, shared with them from fellow passengers.

The footage showed magical views that otherwise could not have be seen, and cannot be described.

Yvonne Petherick proposed a vote of thank you.

She gave Roger and Cheryl a gift on behalf of members present.

The Cleve Probus club will meet again on Monday, November 5.