Successful championships

Kimba Pony Club and the Eyre Peninsula Zone hosted the Pony Club Association State Championships recently.

The grounds and facilities were praised by visiting riders and officials. Pleasant weather was a relief, given the problems the event has had in recent years.

Retiring EP Zone Secretary Claire Olsen was presented with a plaque in recognition of her 35 years’ service to Pony Club. Tim Morton from Northern Zone was surprised to receive the Jim Toole Memorial Award for services to the club.



Junior: Sarah Scott, Tornado, Central.

Senior: Sahara Warren, Shropshire’s Big Ben, Metro.


Preliminary under 26, ring one: First: Sarah Scott, Tornado, Central, 70.58 (per cent); second: Demi Marston, Ballypatrick, Southern, 70; third: Breah Marston, Sultan Royale, Southern, 67.88; fourth: Sheridan Starickkemp, Shataan Park Mai Thai, Central, 64.23.

Preliminary under 26, ring three; first: Gabi Ashmeade, Wynara Daydream, EP, 68.08; second: Abby Clamp, Charlie, Southern, 66.92; third: Yasmine Tiller, Shanlin Regal Troy, Central, 59.62; fourth: Tilly Nichols, Bamborough Sara Dane, Central, 59.62. 

Preliminary 26 and over, ring one: first: Shelley Henderson, Koha, Lower North, 63.65; second: Shona Eckermann, Billara Fair Play, Lower North, 55.38; third: Sarah Conner, Golden Oak, Northern, 49.42; fourth: Veronica Betts, Happy King, Lower North, 48.85. 

Preliminary 26 and over, ring three: first: Alex Gordon, Lucy, EP, 64.42; second: Michelle Reynolds, Wadalee Obession, Central, 63.46.

Novice dressage under 26: Breah Marston, Sultan Royale, Southern, 65.86; Alix Bell, Wanggard Etching, Lower North, 65.71; Demi Marston, Cadasha, Southern, 65.57; fourth: Gabi Ashmeade, Wynara Day Dream, EP, 65.57.

Novice dressage 26 and over: first: Kristy Pean, The Whole Shebang, Lower North, 64.00; second: Shelley Henderson, Koha, Lower North, 61.43; third: Shona Eckerman, Billara Fair Play, Lower North, 61.00; fourth: Taylor Urand, Keelah Rose, Lower North,56.71.

Elementary dressage 26 and over: first: Taylor Urand, Keelah Rose, Lower North, 60.97 second: Kristy Pearn, The Whole Shebang, Lower North, 53.33.

Medium invitational: Kristy Pearn, The Whole Shebang, Lower North, 55.38.

SADA Cup: first: Gabi Ashmeade, Deep Creek, EP, 67.36; second: Demi Marston, Cadasha, Southern, 63.75; third: Alix Bell, Wanggandi Etching, Lower North, 63.06; fourth: Rebecca Burns, Custom Line, Southern, 61.67.

Medium dressage: Gabi Ashmeade, Deep Creek, EP, 64.23.


Preliminary 26 and over: first: Lower North Zone - 573.5.

Preliminary Under 26 teams: first: Southern Zone 1, 664; second: Central Zone 2, 657; third: Southern Zone 2, 643.5; fourth: Central Zone 1, 642.5.

Novice under 26: first: Southern Zone 1, 869; second: Southern Zone 2, 862.35; third: Central Zone 1, 836; fourth: Central Zone 2, 816.5.

Novice 26 and over: Lower North, 851.


Under 26: first: Southern Zone Composite Team; second: Northern Zone.

26 and over: Lower North Zone.


Pharoah Cup – A grade individual showjumping: first: Sahara Warren, Shropshire’s Big Ben, Metro.

Hygain Cup – B grade individual showjumping: first: Rebecca Burns, Custom Line, Southern; second: Breah Marston, Sultan Royale, Southern; third: Shemia Daniel, Armadeus, Central.

Highlander Cup – C grade team showjumping: first: Southern Zone 1; second: Lower North Zone.


Club ream – under 26: first: Mountain Pony Club, 34; second: Blackhill Pony Club, 26; third: Mount Pleasant Pony Club,11.