2018 off-shear sale in Cleve yields strong results

THE Cleve district might be going through one of its toughest ever seasons, but there were still strong results at its annual off-shears sale on Wednesday last week, with 8300 ewes and lambs yarded. 

Elders Cleve livestock manager Mick Noble said the market was brought forward two weeks due to the dry season. He said a large crowd competed for a good quality yarding of sheep, which consisted of 2500 young ewes, 2000 breeding ewes and 3800 lambs. 

A major feature of the sale was the dispersal from TA&ML Grosser, Arno Bay. Their 127 young ewes made $194, 86 of their 2.5-year-olds went for $164, 159 of their 3.5yos made $148 and 120 of their 4.5yos sold at $130. 

The top price young ewes of the sale were in from RJ Norris, Cowell, with a line of 209 making $214.

Making the second-highest price was Pendeen Trust, Rudall, with 138 at $212. 

A complete drop of 301 young ewes from AD Siviour, Arno Bay, made $204. 

A large line of 512 young ewes from DH Turnbull & Co, Cleve, made $181. 

Mr Noble said young ewes good enough to mate made $180 to $214, while any secondary types which needed work to mate into the new year were $60-$90 cheaper.

“This is a sign of the season with no surplus feed around,” he said.

Mr Noble said in the breeding ewe line-up, ewes were presented in forward to prime condition.

“Considering the season, this was a remarkable effort from growers,” he said. 

The top breeding ewes were from Goonaeenya, Arno Bay, with 42 of their 3.5yo ewes making $170.

In the 4.5yo ewe section, Hebberman & Son, Darke Peak, had 174 July-shorn ewes make $160, while Ebavale, Darke Peak, had 258 at $153. 

“The remaining breeding ewes ranged from $100-$150, depending on type and condition,” Mr Noble said.

Mr Noble said a large run of woolly wether lambs from Lairg Pty Ltd, Elliston, was the highlight of the lamb sale, with their 1040 tops making $111 and their 568 seconds averaging $92. 

“The shorn lambs presented in good, forward condition with 302 shorn lambs from Pendeen Trust making $112 and 80 seconds making $89,” he said. 

A line of 214 shorn lambs from Ebavale made $92 and 57 seconds made $72. 

A complete drop of 290 woolly ewe lambs from Carrawa Holdings, Carpa, made $75.