'Warrior' Anabell Bowey raises money for the Life's Little Treasures Foundation

Eight-year-old Anabell Bowey is leading her Lock family on a charity walk in Adelaide for premature babies, inspired by the story of her twin sisters.

Lucy and Layla Bowey were born premature at 31 weeks, leaving Lucy with a series of health complications.

Parents Donna and Daniel faced an uphill battle to finance frequent trips to Adelaide while taking care of elder daughters Anabell and Rosie.

Donna Bowey said Lucy’s health issues dominated the first year of her and Layla’s life.

“For the first 12 months we were more in hospital than out,” she said.

The Lock community banded together to help the family, dubbed ‘Team Bowey’, through fundraising for Lucy’s medical trips.

When the girls were first born, the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation assisted them with clothing and emotional support as they spent their first weeks in hospital.

The Walk for Prems is an annual fundraiser for the foundation, where families gather in 12 locations across Australia for a three-kilometre walk in support of premature and sick babies.

Mrs Bowey said her eldest daughter Anabell had always been interested in fundraising to help people.

When she found out about the Walk for Prems, she knew she wanted the whole family to get involved.

“She decided this time she wanted to do something closer to home,” Mrs Bowey said.

She said Anabell had seen first-hand other families in similar situations, and recognised how important fundraising was for her own family in their difficult year.

“I guess that’s her way of letting everyone know that we’re really appreciative.”

Anabell’s goal was to raise $600 to earn ‘warrior’ status ahead of the walk, a target the family has already reached with a month to go.

Two and a half years after their birth, the twins’ health has significantly improved, with Lucy making progress on catching up to her sister.

Team Bowey are now setting their sights on a fundraising target of $1000. 

Those interested in donating can visit www.lifeslittletreasuresfundraising.com.au/TeamBowey