Eastern Eyre Netball Grand Final Results

A GRADE: Back: Madi Allen, Lauren Simes, Keeley Mason, Amy Allen, Erin Roberts, Mandy Simes; front: Kate Cmrlec, Nyolie Gillings Annie Burton, Fiona Evans.
A GRADE: Back: Madi Allen, Lauren Simes, Keeley Mason, Amy Allen, Erin Roberts, Mandy Simes; front: Kate Cmrlec, Nyolie Gillings Annie Burton, Fiona Evans.

Eastern Eyre Netball

A GRADE – Eastern Ranges def Kimba Districts 42-40

Despite Eastern Ranges being undefeated, the margin between these two top teams was minimal. 

Kimba started the match with energy and terrific accuracy, converting turnovers from loose balls. 

Ranges took a while to find their form and struggled to penetrate through the mid court, forcing errors. 

Kimba’s defensive pressure gave them the upper hand at the break, 9-11.

Ranges made minor team changes, which had an immediate impact, as they turned the first centre pass and converted. 

The southern end proved difficult for goalies, with the persistent swirling wind making it challenging to read rebounds and score.

Both teams were wasting opportunities to score with uncharacteristic errors. 

Ranges steadied and increased their pressure through the mid court, making it difficult for Kimba, and taking a four goal lead into the break, 23-19.

The third quarter did not disappoint. Kimba made changes and scored the first two goals. 

Pegging back the deficit, they opened up the mid court, with good drive and speed.

Ranges were inaccurate in goals, with Kimba getting rebounds and converting.

Kimba doubled Ranges’ score, 14 goals to 6 in the quarter and went in to the break with confidence, 33-29.

Ranges knew they had to lift and regain the four goal deficit but Kimba had other ideas, and converted two turnovers. 

A possession call to Ranges’ Lauren Simes and an inspiring intercept from Erin Roberts had scores level. 

When experienced veteran Amy Allen took an awesome two handed steal from Kimba, Eastern Ranges had a one goal lead, with the centre pass. 

Captain, Nyolie Gillings, with composure, penetrated the ball into attack, and as the final goal was scored, Ranges had pulled off a two-goal come back to win.

It is a credit to both teams how this game was played, with camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Best on court: Keeley Mason

B GRADE – Kimba Districts def Eastern Ranges 32-29

Eastern Ranges hit the ground running, with three goals on the board before Kimba settled and scored their first.

A low-flying seagull gave Kimba some much needed luck, and outstanding defence in the ring by Erin Johnson caused timely turnovers and Kimba were able to swing the momentum their way to finish the first quarter ahead, 12-6.

Every ball was tightly contested in the second quarter and Ranges managed to narrow the gap to three at half time.

Ranges’ defenders continued to block the space in the ring making it hard for Kimba to move the ball cleanly to their goalies.

An injury to Kimba gave Ranges an opportunity and confident shooting saw them take the lead by two.

Now with nothing to lose, Kimba rolled the dice on some positional changes in the last quarter.

Desperate defence saw some scrappy play and the ball went up and back many times before a goal was scored.

A long successful shot from Desi Hannan gave Kimba the confidence they needed to settle their play and claw their way back to even.

Kimba’s excellent rebounding and patience with the ball paid off and they were three goals up when the final whistle blew.

Best on court: Erin Johnson

C GRADE – Kimba Districts def Eastern Ranges 34-29

Eastern Ranges were first to get on the scoreboard, getting the first three goals before Kimba got their first.

Ranges were shooting well while the Kimba goalies had a bit of a shaky start.

The Kimba attack were working very well together and had great defensive pressure across court.

Kimba were up at quarter time, 11-7.

The second quarter started with turnovers from both teams,

Ranges had a really good quarter making it hard to get the ball out of their defence end.

At half time Kimba were still in front, 18-14.

The defensive pressure continued throughout the quarter and the gap stayed at four.

Going into the final quarter Kimba kept their heads strong but both teams were fighting hard for the win.

Kimba and Ranges fought all the way to the end but Kimba came out victors by five goals.

Best on court: Samantha Darling.

D GRADE – Eastern Ranges def Cowell 53 - 37

Cowell were determined to make the undefeated Ranges work hard for another win.

Ranges started out unsettled and Cowell capitalised on this to lead early in the quarter and into the break, 15-10.

Ranges came out more focused in the second quarter and both teams showed great decision making and fluid passages of play.

Cowell showed great strength and continued to push Ranges into making errors.

Half time score, Ranges 28 to Cowell 14.

Ranges were slowly but surely increasing their lead with several clean turnovers and persistent full court pressure. Ranges lead by 14 at three quarter time.

Cowell continued to fight hard and never gave up but Ranges had done the hard work and were able to enjoy the last quarter with a solid win.

Best on Court : Sharnee Roberts.


Cowell def Kimba Districts 41-35

Kimba started with the pass and the nerves were evident as the ball went up and back several times before the Tigers scored.

For the next 15 minutes it was goal for goal.

Cowell’s line up was a little different due to an ankle injury to Olivia Franklin but spectators would not have known as she picked off several intercepts at WD.

Lucy Klingberg was creating lots of space for Kimba in their circle, making Adara Chase and Tilly McFarlane work overtime for the few misses she had. Scores were level at eight at the first break.

Lilliana Crettenden came on with fresh legs feeding into the Cowell attack.

Gabby Simms had strong hands for the Cats and was making Jasmine Beinke (Kimba) try several things to try and scoop the ball but Simms came out on top and was finishing with accurate shooting.

Still going goal for goal as the crowd started to build

Cowell were in front at half time, 17 to 16.

The Cats put Franklin back in the middle and Fiegert into the ring to try and shut down Lara Hampel, who was chasing every ball down, and Lucy Klingberg who was rarely missing.

Adara Chase managed to turn over four quick balls sitting for the Cats and was able to feed them into Cowell’s GA Sharni Flavel, who was able to capitalise. 

Cowell shot 14 goals for the quarter and defenders Tilly McFarlane and Lily Fiegert kept the Tigers at nine.

Heading into the last break, Cowell were up, 31 to Kimba 25.

Charlotte Starr stepped into WA for Cowell knowing she would have to help Cowell keep their lead.

The ball was going from end to end, each team trying desperately to turn over the other teams errors and utilise it.

The ball was strongly contested through the middle but as the final whistle neared errors were made.

Cowell managed to hold onto their lead to claim the premiership.

Best on court: Sharni Flavel.

E2 GRADE – Eastern Ranges def Kimba 23-22

The match up between Kimba and Ranges was bound to be a tight battle, with both teams having bet one another throughout the minor rounds.

Nerves were showing with both sides throwing away passes until Ranges scored the first goal.

It was an evenly contested first quarter, with Ava Jenner and Bella Woolford a great match-up to watch.

Emma Cox fed beautifully into the Ranges’ goalies, leading to a two-goal lead for Ranges at quarter time.

Ranges had the upper hand, with Gabrielle Taheny providing great drive through the mid court.

Elodie Edwards was resilient in WD and great shooting from Sarah Cox and Leni Richardson made turnovers difficult. At half time Ranges led, 15-8.

Kimba came out firing, determined to minimise the score line as much as possible.

Kimba scored a quick five goals, with Ranges struggling to get the ball into their attacking half.

Milly Evans worked tirelessly in GK, preventing Kimba from taking the lead.

Lexi Burrows and Stella Quinn helped maintain Ranges’ lead, opening up the mid-court and making it easier for Ranges to score. At three-quarter time Ranges were ahead by two.

The final quarter was intense and had every spectator cheering.

The scoreboard was up and down for the entire 15 minutes, with intercepts from Alana Hannemann making it difficult for Kimba’s attackers.

Ava Jenner took some outstanding intercepts, keeping Ranges ahead.

Scores were even with 30 seconds left, and a long-bomb goal by Leni Richardson saw Ranges come out victors.

Best on court: Milly Evans