Cleve's scrap metal horse sculpture attracts attention

Cleve farmer Peter Crosby has been making sculptures from scrap metal, with his biggest work yet on show on the outskirts of Cleve. 

Mr Crosby started work on the horse, which weighs in at around 830 kilograms, in April.

The sculpture was finished in June, and attracted attention at this year’s Eyre Peninsula Field Days.

Mr Crosby said he had no plan in mind for the sculpture when he began building, but it gave him something to do during windy days.

“I just locked myself in the shed and started making,” he said.

The horse stands by Golf Drive on the way to the Field Days grounds, with a metal lizard as a companion.

It is the second of Mr Crosby’s works to be publicly displayed in the area, with a metal emu in Darke Peak standing in recognition of an infamous regular at the pub.

Mr Crosby makes his sculptures from scrap metal on his farm that has “built up over the years”.

The cart is a repurposed dam scoop, in a design patented by his great-grandfather. 

The saddle features a set rabbit trap, for anyone who wants an unforgettable ride.

The horse has attracted widespread attention both locally and online, with a Facebook video from Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello ticking over 30,000 views.

Mr Crosby said he is often approached by locals who have been out to see the sculpture.

“I never thought it’d be as popular as it is,” he said.

While locals have suggested the horse be moved to the main street, Mr Crosby said its position encouraged people to go for a drive and see other parts of the area.

“If it’s in the main street, its novelty will wear off.”

Mr Crosby is already thinking about his next work and said he will be speaking with nearby farmers to gather enough scrap metal to keep up with this artistic hobby.