Kimba Districts through to A grade grand final

Eastern Eyre netball prelims

A grade – Kimba Districts def Cowell 49-42

IT WAS set to be a tight preliminary final between Cowell and Kimba and it did not disappoint.

Kimba came out very strong in the first quarter scoring the first few goals and limiting Cowell’s opportunities.

Cowell settled then kept up with Kimba until the first break but Kimba had a good lead 12 to 5.

With an injury in the first quarter for Kimba changes were made bringing on C-Jay Kemp into defence.

Cowell made changes in the goals and played steady netball with strong defence and shooting very accurately to draw the scoreline closer with the scores 20 to 17 at half time.

The third quarter saw changes again from both teams and it was tough with both teams fighting for every ball and working hard to score whenever possible.

Kimba got a jump scored a few late goals to increase their lead to 35 to 28.

The final quarter was a challenge for Kimba with Cowell creating turnovers and shooting accurately.

Kimba worked hard to meet every challenge and steadied under pressure, whilst keeping possession and defending tightly to come out with the win 49 to 42.

Well done to both teams on playing a great game and fighting till the end. Good luck to all teams in the grand final.

B grade – Eastern Ranges def Cowell 39-29

C grade – Eastern Ranges def Cowell 56-41

Eastern Ranges and Cowell faced off in the preliminary final after a contested C grade season, which saw a draw between the two teams.

Both teams started steady, going goal for goal, but great defence and good pick ups from Ranges gave them a 8 goal lead at quarter time.

Changes were made to both teams, however the momentum hardly changed. Score 30-16

Cowell brought on Rebecca Wagner for height in their defensive ring to stop the shooting accuracy by Ranges.

Cowell had some beautiful passages but Ranges kept their steady play. Score 43 - 27

More changes were made to Ranges’s goal circle with Cass Elson and Amanda Price shooting well.

Defenders in both circles were defending well, as Ranges’ mid-court provided lots of drive down the court.

Eastern Ranges cemented their spot in the grand final and will need to keep up their intensity going into next week’s game against Kimba.

C2 grade – Cowell def Kimba Districts 50-46

Cowell and Kimba were both going to fight till the last minute, for the spot in the grand final.

Before the whistle was blown you could see the determination on everyone’s faces it was game on.

Kimba got the first two goals and Cowell looked a little worried but it was then goal for goal.

Heather Slee and Bree Muir were in goals and Kimba put up a great defence.

End of the first quarter Kimba were up by one, Kimba 10 to Cowell’s 9. 

It was a tough quarter as Bec Henderson, Aimee Jones, Sara Walker and Rowena Norris worked hard in defence to turn over the ball.

Kimba’s goalies had no trouble getting their goals in, barely missing a goal.

Half time the score was Cowell 24 to Kimba 21, Cowell up by three goals. 

In the third quarter both teams worked hard, but it was not until the last quarter that this game got real.

Players were chasing loose balls and working hard with each centre pass to get the goals in.

But in the end Cowell got the spot in the grand final, a chance to win back to back premierships.

Go Cowell Cats, grand final here we come. 

D grade – Cowell def Kimba Districts 49-26

Both teams came out fighting for the grand final spot.

Kimba’s centre court were working hard to stop Cowell’s flow.

Kimba were using every opportunity to score, with both goalies shooting accurately.

Cowell had settled their nerves in the second quarter which helped them progress their lead.

Cowell’s Lainie McFarlane and Courtney Grigg were utilising the centre court’s amazing feeds.

In the third quarter Montana Schumann and Mikayla Flavel picked off many balls to help Cowell gain an impressive lead.

In the final quarter Cowell continued to stay strong and continue to increase their lead.

They connected well as a team throughout the entire game.

Kimba fought right to the final whistle. The final score Cowell 49 to Kimba 26.

E grade – Kimba Districts def Eastern Ranges 48-22

Saturday was a wet and cold day for netball, especially for the first match of the day.

Kimba came out strong in the first quarter, adapting well to the wet conditions and applying strong defensive pressure.

Kimba scored 9 goals compared to Ranges 1 during the first quarter and lead by at least 8 throughout the entire first half. 

Ranges became more competitive in the second half and ramped up their defensive pressure.

They came out with multiple changes after each break, while Kimba made minimal position moves throughout the game.

Ranges had trouble converting their goals and the Tigers were quick to capitalise turnovers with accurate shooting.

Kimba going into the last quarter with a 21 goal lead. 

Ranges came out even stronger in the final quarter, however their run was left too late.

There were a number strong match ups down the court and both teams were playing clean, competitive netball for the last 15 minutes.

Kimba were too strong in the end, winning the game 48-22. 

E2 grade – Kimba Districts def Cowell 33-17

In wet and windy conditions both teams both teams appeared nervous taking their time to settle into the game.

Kimba came out fighting and determined for the win after a loss to Ranges the previous week.

Tight defensive pressure down the court from both teams resulted in a close margin at the first break with Kimba leading Cowell.

The Kimba girls appeared unsettled throughout the second quarter and Cowell continued tight defensive pressure down the court to force errors, unfortunately they were unable to maximise this due to the excellent ring defence from Kimba’s defenders.

Cowell continued to place pressure on the Kimba girls, particularly in the goal ring, forcing them to work hard for every scoring opportunity.

In the third quarter Kimba’s defensive end stepped up with excellent rebounding and taking intercepts at every possible opportunity limiting Cowells scoring opportunities, allowing the Tigers to increase their lead.

Kimba’s centre court players also increased pressure down the court and worked hard to pick up every loose ball.

They continued this effort with excellent feeding into Kimba’s goal ring which Kimba’s goalies were able to convert.

Kimba continued their efforts from the third quarter, while the Cats remained competitive, Kimba proved too strong and came out winners 33-17.

Kimba will now face Ranges in the grand final.