Letters to the editor

Don’t let the sun go down on Kimba

What a wonderful, vibrant town we have.

We came to Kimba 53 years ago and would not consider living anywhere else.

As a small rural farming town we have learned to deal with the highs and lows that have faced us all from time to time, and stand together.

The past couple of years have been very trying for Eyre Peninsula farmers with lack of rain and persistent strong, destructive winds wreaking havoc with erosion of bare paddocks.

Some farmers are suffering their second or third year of no income and trying to keep their stock alive.

That in itself is more than enough to handle and cope with.

Adding to this we have a decision to make on whether we will accept the opportunity to give us an extra industry to back up the viability for our town and residents by voting for the National Radioactive Waste Facility.  

The jobs created by this facility would be invaluable to keep this town alive.

On Monday (August 6) the staff of their workplace in Kimba were informed their services were no longer needed as the premises was closing the doors due to lack of viability.  

Four families affected immediately.

How many times will this happen?

It’s a scary thought!  

Having an extra industry in our town would be very reassuring.

It is vital that we keep our hospital, school, aged care facility and all other businesses open and well supported by all of us.

Two permanent doctors is food for thought also.

Let us fight for our great town.



Better places for facility

Well here we are at the point of yes or no to Australia’s Nuclear Waste Facility site.

It is staggering to think a decision like this is down to just two small communities, Kimba and Hawker.

I do agree that Australia does need a facility but there are many more suitable places it could go.

Woomera Prohibited area (already owned by the government), Radium Hill owned by the SA government, gazetted as a low-level repository already and Leonora in WA which is privately owned and able to take low, intermediate and high-level waste.

These three sites are all in accessible pastoral country and have nearby amenities to service them.

Over the last three years we have had consultation after consultation, submissions again and again, letters to the minister – we have had three ministers since this started and each change we have had to rewrite our letters, even up to today we have had to resubmit our submission.

Fact sheets continuously bombarding us, some true and correct and some just propaganda at the highest level.

Incorrect reporting in newspapers and on radio, it just goes on and on.

A process of stealth to wear you down with the propaganda if you oppose anything.

We must also remember Kimba was excluded by former Minister Josh Frydenburg from having a nuclear waste facility because of lack of broad community support.

Kimba residents were let down by our district council for allowing a second round of site nominations with obvious Liberal influence pushing the issue.

There was already clear evidence of a division and animosity happening in the community, but the council allowed it to go ahead without exploring any other sustainable industry or drought proofing source.

Broken Hill put 140 hectares of solar panels on crown land and powers 22,000 homes.

Kimba has the aerodrome owned by the council where something like this could go.

A far better option than a nuclear waste facility, employ a lot more people, everyone benefits and would make our home town a lot better place to live than at present.

The project also bought along the bribe money and with the money comes the greed.

The first $2 million has been wisely spent but the next possible $31 million broken down to $20 million for the community fund I hope it is not just blown on pointless exercises.

The promise of better TV, phone service, medical services and doctors if we host the facility. If these necessities are so easy to procure why can’t they be accessible now.

We are constantly told it is safe but intermediate level waste (ILW) is still toxic nuclear waste.

I do hope that the dysfunctional, cosmetic government we have tell the truth, be completely transparent with all consultations because the government can not be trusted in anything they say or do.

Please everyone who is entitled to vote, vote whether it be yes or no so that an accurate figure can be acquired for the illusive percentage of broad community support.

If the money wasn’t available would you want the dump in your community?



Nuclear vote should be shared

Well done to the Barngarla community for speaking out about the proposed radioactive waste facility at Kimba.

I believe the vote for or against is not only up to those in the Kimba council area, it should be decided by all residents of Eyre Peninsula and beyond.

How can people vote when they don't know yet how it will be delivered to the proposed site, will it be by road, rail or ship?

This affects many more communities than just the Kimba district.


Arno Bay