Kimba Districts win junior colts prelim

Eastern Eyre junior colts

Kimba Districts 3.9 (27) def Ports 1.2 (8)

MISTY rain was not enough to dampen the spirits of the junior colts, they spent 35 minutes "warming up" for a 40 minute game - commitment plus.

You had to be at the ground early to witness the goal of the day, a classic rovers goal to Noah Ramsey; roving the ball off a boundary throw-in contest he wove a passage through traffic, straightened up, balanced and finished with a well timed drop punt that dislodged the goal umpire’s fedora as he stood transfixed midway between the big uprights.

There was no fluke about it and it would come as no surprise that he polled well in Danny Horgan Medal count later in the day.

Saxon Larwood and Declan Haywood were also good for the Tigers whilst Ports were well served by Ashton Hartwig, Lucas Boothby and Sarias Burgoyne who would often be the one emerging from the bottom of a pack with the ball.

It was pleasing to see/hear my optometrist at the game, I assume it was him, who else would shout out “open your eyes Scratch!”

Congratulations to the colts medallists - Jake Bammann (Ports) winning the Fiegert Family Medal in the senior colts and Tex Price (Ranges) winning the Danny Horgan Medal for Junior Colts.

Colts grand finals

Senior colts – Ports v Eastern Ranges, 10.30am

Junior colts – Eastern Ranges v Kimba Districts, 9.30am