Shop local to support your community

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The Thing About Kimba initiative is urging everyone to shop local or face the consequences.

Spokesperson Carmen Rayner said recent business closures are a timely reminder of why shopping local is so important.

“We've had two agribusinesses close their doors this month [August],” she said.

“I know personally that a lot of other businesses are really struggling so it's more important now than ever before, that we stay local as much as we possibly can.”

The Thing About Kimba campaign began through the Kimba Community Development Group when Carmen and other concerned locals held a think tank on what to do to change things up.

The Kimba Community Development Group is committed to making our community the strongest and most vibrant community it can possibly be and for that to happen we need our businesses to be healthy.

Carmen Rayner

“We thought of how we can support our businesses because they give an enormous amount to our community year in, year out,” Carmen said, “Sponsorship, donations, raffle prizes, the list is endless.”

In a recent survey, The Thing About Kimba asked local business just how much they give back to the community. Of the 25 surveys returned the total amount given in sponsorship, cash donations and in-kind support was a whopping $97,000 – not including discounts and goods donated.

Feedback from The Thing About Kimba 2017, showed the majority of local consumers really do want to shop locally and support the businesses that give so much to our community, but we know we could do better.

“Just $20 per month, per local adult, spent in town instead of elsewhere would mean an injection of $206,880 per annum into our local economy,” Carmen said.

“That’s four full-time jobs.”

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“And say every household buys approximately ten gifts a year, to the value of $40 each, that’s $400 right? Now let’s say that of those ten gifts, only four are purchased locally – that’s a whopping $103,200 going straight out of town.”

So how does The Thing About Kimba plan to keep that money local?

By educating people on the alternatives to buying online, showing them the amazing range available right here in Kimba, and challenging them to step up to the plate and get on board to create a buzz around The Thing About Kimba.

And there's not much you can’t source in Kimba, according to Carmen.

“All of our businesses are willing to order things in, chase thing down for you, they really do go above and beyond,” she said.

Kimba: A golden town where history meets art. Photo: Jacob Schuey

Kimba: A golden town where history meets art. Photo: Jacob Schuey

This recent anecdote from a local shopper is an example of this;

“A few months back, our dishwasher gave up the ghost. The thought of hand washing all of those dishes nearly brought me to tears, so I did what any sane person did and jumped on the internet to find us a new one. An hour or two of research, I’d chosen my preferred brand and model and found the best price (excluding freight), online in Australia. Armed with this info, I popped into J & M Hardware to explain the situation. I told Kerry that I understood it would probably cost a bit more with them and there would be freight on top, but in spite of that, I would rather purchase through them. Not 24 hours later, I received a call from J&M’s to let me know, that not only could they source the exact dishwasher I was after, it was nearly $100 cheaper including freight than the online deal I had looked at.”

So if you are coming home from Adelaide or Whyalla or Port Lincoln and you need something for tea that night then stop and grab few things, but do not do your weekly shopping out of town every week Carmen urges.

“Buying up a fortnight’s worth of groceries is not okay, neither is going to Cleve, Wudinna, Whyalla or wherever every week and doing the shopping,” Carmen said.

“That is not okay. You know it, we know it, now let’s make sure everyone else knows it too.”

“If businesses close down there are less volunteers to run our sporting clubs, our service clubs, our ambulance service, our CFS service.”

“That is cutting your nose off to spite your face.”

“The Kimba Community Development Group is committed to making our community the strongest and most vibrant community it can possibly be and for that to happen we need our businesses to be healthy.”

The Thing About Kimba initiative has a Facebook page with about 500 followers, including ex-Kimba residents who like to stay in touch and hear about what is going on in the area.

Among keeping up with local news, there is another reason to follow The Thing About Kimba page.

The businesses who support the campaign are regularly featured on the page, which is a great opportunity to get to know your local businesses and better understand how they support the wider community.

You can join The Thing About Kimba loyalty program for $5 and get you card stamped when you make a purchase of greater than $20 at participating business houses. A full card of stamps (12) will make you eligible to enter the monthly draw for a $100 voucher at participating business houses.

The next shopping voucher draw will take place on September 7.