Kimba woman rallies help for farmers

A Kimba woman has managed to raise $3000 for Australian farmers with the help of some local families who use her babysitting service and the wider community.

Jody Westhoff had been teaching the young children she looked after through her babysitting service about the plight many Australian farmers faced with drought conditions.

Mrs Westhoff said she decided to ask the parents to make a donation to ‘Buy a Bale of Hay, Helping Australian Farmers’ and would match whatever was raised.

Altogether Mrs Westhoff received $1433, which she matched with a bit extra to get $3000 to buy 30 large bales of hay.

“I couldn’t just sit and watch it on the media and not do anything about it,” she said.

“I promoted what I was doing on Facebook and had lots of interest from members of the community who wanted to help with our fundraising.

“I also received two very generous donations from overseas, one from Peterborough, England and one from Columbia, USA, making it a global effort.”

Mrs Westhoff said she wanted to keep her lesson age appropriate for preschool children taught the children about what farm animals eat and what happens when there was no rain and no hay.

Her activities included making paper plate cows, fingerprint sheep and rabbits eating hay collages, as well as creating two farms, one with green and blue paper to represent grass and water and one with brown paper to represent dirt.

"I found it interesting that even the really young children preferred to play with the green and blue farm,” she said.

“We also used our daily water needs out of just ‘one bucket’ to represent the families who don’t have much water and are living on water restrictions.”

Mrs Westhoff thanked everyone who helped out and donated to the fundraising effort and while this one was finished, anyone wanting to donate to the Buy a Bale cause should consider it.

People can donate online at