Second semis well contested

Eastern Eyre netball


Eastern Ranges def Kimba Districts 43-38

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Kimba Districts def Eastern Ranges 53-34

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Kimba Districts def Eastern Ranges 49-32

In a day of warm conditions it was always going to be a good game of netball between the top two sides.

Ranges had not yet beaten Kimba throughout the minor rounds so both teams were (obviously) out for a win to be the first team through to the grand final.

Kimba got the first goal on the scoreboard but the game started out fairly even.

Kimba had got a run of goals, plenty of pressure from WD Gabi Ashmeade and great backing up by the whole team, they came away 14-8 at quarter time.

Ranges were trying to keep the score line within reach but another great quarter from Kimba saw the score  24-13 at half time.

Both teams made changes but this did not change the momentum of the game with a 14-goal lead to Kimba going into the final quarter.

The home ground advantage for Ranges did not work out with Kimba winning all four quarters and coming out with a 17-goal lead after a great shooting game from Kimba goalies.


Eastern Ranges def Cowell 41-31

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Eastern Ranges def Cowell 62-32

Both teams came out strong and keen to get the game started, pressure was strong by all and determination was seen.

The quarter started out goal by goal, with both teams moving the ball well. Ranges finished the quarter up by five.

Ranges defensive players stepped it up in the second quarter with lots of turnovers, which the attackers capitalized on.

Rangers goalies shot very accurately and the quarter finished, Ranges 34 led Cowell 21. The final half saw Ranges continue to extend the margin.

Cowell applied pressure all game and had some good passages of play. Ranges were to strong on the day winning 62-32.


Cowell def Kimba Districts 23-21

The pressure was on from the first whistle and it took both teams a while to settle with the first goal for the game taking seven minutes.

The finals pressure was playing a part as both sides made unforced errors and footwork was an issue for both teams.

Kimba led 4-2 at the first break.

The second quarter saw changes to both teams and a shuffle in Cowell’s defence bringing Tilly McFarlane on into GK for the Kitty Cats and moving Adara Chase out onto the wing. 

Cowell seemed to be getting lots of the ball but their goalies Sharni Flavel and Gabby Simms were struggling to sink goals.

Kimba’s Lucy Klingberg was defending well until she got a ball to the nose and had to be replaced.

Jasmine Beinke also put pressure on Cowell’s attacker Lilliana Crettenden, blocking up the line to the circle.

It was anyone’s game at the major break with only two goals in it. The Cats just sneaking in front of the Tigers 10-8.

Top of the third saw more positional changes to Cowell as they were trying to find the drive they had lost from their previous games.

Charlotte Starr was providing drive into the circle and seemed to create some space allowing Sharni to capitalise. 

Olivia Franklin turned over four quick balls through the middle and the Cats increased their lead to five. Cowell 16 to Kimba 11.

Cowell brought on fresh legs through the middle in Kori Webb trying to shut down Kimba’s drive in Lara Hampel.

Lily Fiegert and Adara Chase continuously turned balls over but the Cats were not making good choices which then allowed Kimba to creep back into the game.

The crowd was growing along with the intensity of the game. Cowell walked away with the two points and securing a spot in the 2018 grand final.


Eastern Ranges def Kimba 37-24

The conditions at Rudall were perfect for netball, with both teams eager to take the court.

Kimba had won the previous game by two goals, so it was bound to be a tight tussle.

The first quarter was very even down the court, with Ranges struggling to adapt to the height of Kimba’s defenders and goalies.

Nerves were evident as both teams threw away easy passes.

The second quarter saw Ranges get a quick three goals, but these were easily pegged back by Kimba, keeping scores even.

Ranges were ahead by one goal at half time.

In the third quarter Ranges finally found their feet and Kimba struggled to keep up.

Gab Taheny provided great drive for Ranges through the mid court working exceptionally well with Leni Richardson in goals.

Ranges defence worked extremely hard, with Milly Evans keeping Kimba’s scoring chances minimal.

The term ended with Ranges ahead and they kept their lead to the end.