Cowell in finals form

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

 Cowell 64 def Ports 12 

PORTS started well shooting four quick goals while Cowell took a little longer to settle with some unforced errors early in the quarter.

Once the nerves settled, Cowell found their timing with great drives through the mid court linking up with Stacey Franklin who rewarded with great shooting.

Cowell took a 12-goal lead into the second quarter. 

Caitlin Jeffrey joined Stacey in the goal circle, Elle Kenny went to WD and both had an instant impact on the game.

Ports’ attackers continued to work hard but were finding it difficult to reach their goalies.

Second half saw Carlie Hutchins move out to the wing and Rhianna Peters move into goals which created more drive through the mid court.

Cowell’s defenders were having a go at everything, forcing errors and turning over a lot of ball.

Kenny was reading the ball beautifully and was intercepting everything.

Cowell were determined to play the game out and Jeffrey had a beautiful last quarter and could do no wrong.

Cowell ran out winners and are excited to be playing in their first preliminary final in six years.

B grade

Cowell 32 def Ports 22

There was nervous anticipation leading into this game as it was finals and both teams had players missing.

Ports got off to a great start and scored the first three goals.

The Ports goalies were on form and they were shooting accurately in the first quarter.

Cowell took much longer to settle into the game, but once they did the game was very evenly matched.

The quarter ended with Ports up by four goals.

Cowell came out with renewed determination and much tighter defence in the second quarter.

This approach paid off with Ports finding it more difficult to transition the ball through the centre court into their attacking end.

Jasmin Piggott took some awesome intercepts, which were taken advantage of by the Cowell goalies.

Cowell’s hard work paid off, restricting Ports to three goals in the quarter and closing the margin.

Both Ports and Cowell were determined in the second half with both teams wanting the win.

It just clicked for the Cowell side in the third quarter, with exceptional team work and timing throughout the court.

Jess Jaeschke and Meagan Franklin were brilliant in defence combining well to restrict Ports’ shooting  opportunities and gather valuable rebounds.

Leah King had excellent vision and was feeding really well into the goal circle.

Cowell were lifted by raucous crowd and finished the quarter with five quick consecutive goals to finish the quarter up 19-14.

Cowell continued their momentum into the last quarter with Shannon Jeffrey and Courtney Grigg continuing to combine well in goals.

Abbey Mills was on her game, reoffering and finding gaps down the court.

Amy Oldfield was stunning with her intercepts and back up down the court.

Ports never gave up and were really tough competition right up until the final whistle.

It was a hard fought battle which Cowell ended up winning.

C grade

Cowell 33 def Ports 31

Ports got off to a great start putting the first few goals on the board.

Ports’ goalies Ashton Bates and Kelsi Edwards were shooting with great accuracy.

Cowell stepped up the pressure in defence with Nikki Walsh and Bridget Schmucker getting great rebounds.

Cowell goalies, Bec Arnold and Tanya Williams found the ring and brought the score to Cowell 11 – Ports 8.

Cowell found their feet and Ports were still shooting accurately making it goal for goal.

Cowell put some quick goals on the board but Ports fought back to bring the scores to 22 all.

Going into the last quarter it was anyone’s game but with some great intercepts from the Cowell defenders and great drive and feeding from Eboni Turner, Emma Chopin and Lexi Williams, Cowell had the lead by six.

Isabella Davis and Lisa Traeger seemed to be coming from nowhere and their mid court were feeding well to their goalies to bring the score to within one.

With seconds to go Cowell scored to give them the win by two.

D grade

Kimba 25 def Ports 12

Kimba came out firing and scored the first 10 goals before Ports put their first goal on the board.

The second quarter was a more evenly contested but Kimba continued to apply pressure with full court defence.

At half time Kimba were up by 20.

Kimba’s full court pressure caused a lot of turn overs and they chased down the loose balls.

Kimba’s pressure continued in the last quarter and Ports kept working hard but Kimba took many intercepts and capitalised with some strong shooting to the finish the game as winners.


Cowell 31 def Ports 9

As the first whistle blew to start the game off both teams were raring to play for a place in the prelim.

Cowell started strong and put a few goals on the board. Ports took a little while to find their feet but when they did they took off.

Cowell’s defences was just too strong throughout the whole game making it hard for Ports to score. But when Ports did score they side line roared with excitement.

Cowell’s attacking end brought their A game, making it hard for the Ports defence.

Overall the game was won by Cowell in three quarters but Ports came back fighting in the four scoring most of their goals 

Kimba 28 def Eastern Ranges 25

In wet and windy conditions both teams settled and scored their first goals within the first minutes of the quarter.

Kimba came out fighting and determined for the win after a two-goal loss last time they faced Ranges. Tight defensive pressure down the court from both teams resulted in an even score at the end of the first quarter.

Ranges came out stronger in the second quarter with accurate shooting and tight defensive pressure from their defensive end. Kimba’s defensive end stepped up with excellent rebounding and taking intercepts at every possible opportunity limiting

Ranges lead to 2 goals at half time.

Both sides made changes to their teams and re-settled quickly with these changes. Kimba’s centre court players worked hard to pick up every loose ball and force errors on the Ranges girls.

They continued this effort with excellent feeding into Kimba’s goal ring which Kimba’s goalies were able to convert.

Kimba led by five going into the final quarter.

Kimba and Ranges continued to fight hard for every intercept and scoring opportunity, but Kimba proved too strong and came out winners.

Kimba’s best player was Scarlett Hunt for a tight defensive game.