Netballers prepare for finals

B grade

Cowell def Ports 34 – 23

Both teams came out firing, keen to end the minor round with a win.

Cowell settled quickly into the game with Jazzy Piggott and Leah King feeding in well to the goalies.

The Ports defence wee working hard, but the Cowell goalies were patient and continued to work the ball around the ring.

This paid of with Cowell taking a lead 11-5 into the first break.

Windy conditions and a spot of rain resulted in several loose balls from both teams, which fiercely contested by both teams and resulted in several turn-overs.

Both Cowell goalies and defence dominated when it came to rebounds.

The Ports centre court combined well, creating space when needed and blocking the top of the ring.

Abbey Mills took several intercepts in WD, which helped the team to get an eleven goal lead at half time.

Cowell did not make any changes to their team in the second half of the game.

Ports increased their intensity which saw a good contest between Cowell’s Amy Oldfield and Port’s goal attack.

Meagan Franklin displayed her agility and skills on the court, showing the players the younger players how its done.

The eleven goal margin was maintained at the three goal break.

Both teams continued to play well in the fourth quarter.

Cowell’s goalies Shannon Jeffrey and Claire Norsworthy continued to combined well in the circle and offered plenty of back up down the court.

Ports also maintained their intensity in the last quarter with tight defence throughout the court.

The eleven goal margin remained at the end of the game.

Cowell look forward to matching up with the ports B grade in the first semi.

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 39 – 29

In the most wintery of conditions, both teams knew a win was going to be a challenge.

Ranges started with the pass, and the ball went up and back a few times before they scored the first goal.

Determined full court defence caused a Ranges turnover, and they had three on the scoreboard before Kimba settled to get one back.

Play was tightly contested all over the court and with good shooting, Ranges stayed a goal up at quarter time.

Ranges worked the ball well around their goal ring, but Kimba’s defenders got their hands on more loose balls to take the lead by two at half time.  

Team changes at half time saw Kimba bring on fresh legs in attack, and strong body work against tight defence saw them edge ahead at three quarter time.

Ranges continued to apply great defensive pressure, but Kimba’s patience in attack saw them hang on to the lead and win by 10.

C2 grade

Cowell def Ports 53 – 30

The weather was windy and getting ready to rain.

The first quarter was cold but Cowell and Ports pushed hard.

Cowell had Bree Muir and Luci McFarlane in goals, these two had not played together before but play a great first quarter in goals together.

Defence played hard to help get Cowell in front.

Then the rain hit in the second quarter it was cold and wet.

Cowell stayed in the same positions, Rowena Norris in centre and played great quarter pushing in front and turning the ball over.

The defence worked well as a team.

Cowell pushed ahead to be in front by 13 goals by the end of the second quarter. 

In the third quarter, Cowell had one chance, wing defence Sara Walker come off and Tash Inglis came on.

Ports were putting up a great fight but Cowell was playing a good game.

End of the third quarter the score was 39 to 23. 

In the last quarter, Norris came off to give her a break, and Heather Slee was put into goals.

Putting McFarlane into defence.

The quarter was a great quarter, Port putting up a fight but Cowell had it in the bag winning the game by 23 goals. 

The incentive was given to Rowena Norris 

D grade

Kimba lost to Eastern Ranges 11 – 75

Ranges came out strong in the first quarter with some accurate shooting, Kimba’s defence worked really hard but found it difficult to score themselves.

This set the pattern for the game and Ranges pulled away each quarter to lead 31 to five at half time.

Kimba continued to try hard and apply pressure throughout the court, but Ranges played too strong and will be extremely hard to beat come finals.

Kimba’s award went to Elke Moseby Read for a hard fought match against one of the beast D grade players in the competition this season.

Cowell def Ports 75 – 9

The game started in wind and pouring rain, but the girls persisted.

The Ports girls came out stronger than ever, showing much improvement with great pressure in the ring from Jordan Lewis and Amelia Millard.

Cowell’s Lori Turner had constantly strong drive through the centre helping Cowell gain a hefty lead, while Chloe Frost assisted in wing defence with many intercepts.

E grade

Cowell def Ports 46 – 6

A little sprinkle of rain was welcomed as we started the last minor round game. Although it didn’t hang around it was enough to wash the dust off the lines.

The Cowell girls were keen to put everything that we’ve worked on over the season into four solid quarters of netball. 

They got off to a slow start and seemed to take awhile to warm up in the fresh conditions.

They started to find their mojo as the first quarter came to a close with

Cowell holding a slight lead 11 to two.

Olivia Franklin came on with fresh legs for the Kitty Cats and created lots of drive through the middle.

Adara Chase was on fire cutting off Ports’ chances of penetrating the circle on several occasions and rewarding herself with multiple turnovers.

Lilliana Crettenden found her grr today having strong hands at every ball. 

Half time scores were still favourable of the Cats 26 to four.

The young magpies have improved and Miranda Millard was chasing everything on the wing, Elke Bammann and Lexi Hutchins were working tirelessly trying to get the ball through the hoop for Ports but Cowell defenders Tilly McFarlane and Lily Fiegert were making it very difficult for them to add to their tally. 

Charlotte Starr was scooping up loose balls through the mid court and providing lots of options for the Kitty Cats. Cowell 32 to Ports’ five.

The last quarter and the Cowell girls wanted to finish the game on a high.

They played a solid four quarters with all players contributing and playing their given roles.

Sharni Flavel and Gabby Simms seemed to find some lovely space in the circle and even though the wind picked up a bit managed to keep the scores rolling over. 

Congrats to Lilliana, Sharni and Lily for winning incentives this week. 

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 23 – 14

The game started very wet and scrappy due to the conditions.

Both ends were making mistakes and goals were hard to come by.

Only four goals were scored in the first quarter, three of which were Kimba’s.

The game continued to stay low scoring for the next two quarters with only couple of goals separating the score.

Both teams were applying strong defensive pressure and turnovers were easy to pick up. 

Once the rain settled Kimba picked up their game and began to get some more goals on the board.

Ranges had trouble converting goals and their defensive pressure dropped towards the end of the game. 

Kimba ran the game out in the final quarter, winning the match by nine goals. 

E2 grade

Cowell def Ports 37 – 2 

The whistle blew and the girls were off, with the rain holding off for the first quarter.

Cowell scoring off they first centre pass of the day, Ports defence trying hard to slow the game down.

Ports getting a few turnovers and getting it down to their attacking end to try and score.

However the Cowell defence were just too strong. 

Ports score two goals in the first, but Cowell too strong getting a 10 point lead over ports in the first quarter. 

The second quarter started and the poor girls had to stand out there in the rain.

Each team freezing but still going hard at the ball. Never giving up.

Again Cowell’s defence was just to strong for the Ports girls, but Ports never once dropped their heads, showing great team ship and positive sportsmanship. 

The last two quarters were brutal for both teams. With the weather being harsh.

Over all Cowell were just to strong throughout the whole game.

With a strong defence and a very great mid court and attacking end, Cowell got over the top of Ports.