One point short

Kimba 8 – 9 (57) lost to Eastern Ranges 8 – 10 (58)

Kimba hosted Eastern Ranges at Enright Oval on a day that was good to fly a kite.

The winner of this game had the bragging rights of the minor premiers so it was always expected to be a hard battle from early on.

Kimba won the toss and chose to head downhill with a three to four goal gale.

Ranges stared well into the wind kicking the first major through Kane ‘Merv’ Schubert.

Kimba had four good scoring opportunities that went begging through poor skill execution before they finally put one on the board through Chapman.

The Ranges ball use looked exceptional, working through the middle into the wind, and had to be happy with their first quarter efforts restricting Kimba to just 1-5 (11) to Ranges 1-3 (9).

Second quarter started in a good arm wrestle swinging from end to end, both sides putting a sausage roll on the board early through Storic for the visitors and Dart for the Tigers.

Ranges were one key midfielder and a number down after Jack Kenny was sent to the sinbin for 10 minutes which helped Kimba gain control of the visitors while they kicked with the wind.

Both teams were working hard but with not a great deal of rewards as the conditions were proving testing.

Finally the beast Joel Fitzgerald put his second through the big sticks and Norris and Kwaterski added majors for the Ranges.

Half time score was Kimba 3-6 (24) and Ranges 4-5 (29) with better players for the half for the Ranges were J. Kenny, E. Kwaterski, D.Storic, T. Lee, and ‘young’ J. Schubert.  

Kimba’s were M. Vandy, R. Rayson, J. Fitzgerald, D. Girdham and S. Bates who was hitting plenty of grass and Ranges midfielders.

Kimba started hard at the ball in the third and had multiple scoring attempts but was only to jag one through Mackenzie ‘Macca’ Inglis.

A big congestion of play was happening around the Kimba forward 50 for a good six to eight minutes.

One good passage of play seen the Ranges go bang, bang bang, straight to their end resulting in a Logan Elliott goal.

Ranges started to gain control but after missing a few opportunities of their own, the Kimba ‘Burger’ slotted a beautiful goal on the run, the Ranges ‘Burger’ also playing okay football too.

Who’s the better one I will leave up to your opinion.

Going into the last quarter Kimba were up by five points, that was until Ranges’ clean ball getters Kwaterski and Kenny got it to Storic who booted a goal on the run in the first thirty seconds.

After 15 minutes of ball ups and stoppages as a shower passed over Enright Oval, Nick Pengelly pulled the plow out and slotted a goal to put the Tigers back in front.

The last five minutes was epic to watch as the lead changed three times.

Kwaterski kicked the first, Pengelly then slotted another great goal to put Tigers back in front.

Only to see Jack Kenny snapping the goal of the day moments before the siren, which saw the Ranges win by one point.

A classy game from the two top teams that will make the second semi-final a must watch.