Glenville ram sale sells to $16,000

A RAM dubbed a “true dual-purpose animal” attracted widespread interest, pushing it to the $16,000 top price at the Glenville on-property ram sale at Cowell.

That strong bidding was common throughout the sale with full clearance of the 170 Poll Merino and Merino rams offered in the main auction, with an average price of $2963. 

They also offered 30 rams in a mini auction, with 20 sold to $1800, averaging $830.

Overall 200 rams were offered with 190 sold, averaging $2738.

The 21.9 micron top price Poll Merino ram, a Terrick West ram son with a standard deviation of 3.6, 15.9 coefficient of variation and 98.9 per cent comfort factor, also ranked 132pc for greasy fleece weight and 126pc for body weight among the drop.

Buyer Colin McCrabb, Avenel Poll Merinos, Wanganella, NSW, also bought the top price ram at last year’s Glenville sale.

He said the ram appealed with its size, structure and good wool covering.

“It’s a good wool cutter, with a straight frame, stands square, with wool coverage to the toes,” he said.

Avenel has been breeding Merinos for 40 years and began its Poll Merino stud, based on Glenville genetics, four years ago.

Mr McCrabb also bought a second ram at $5000 to complement the first ram.

A 20.8M, 2.9SD, 13.7CV and 99.2CF Poll Merino ram, ranked 121pc for GFW, was sold for $7600 to PW&SJ Gutsche, Minlaton.

Another Poll Merino ram, 20.5M, 3.4SD, 16.6CV and 99.4pc was bought by LJ Baker, Pekita, Mambray Creek.

Glenville clients for more than a decade, Brett Baker said the ram had good structure, a big square frame and “good, bright Glenville wool”.

The ram will be joined with their commercial flock.

The Bakers also bought two more rams at $7000 and $4000.

D&R MacGowan, Deloshanda, Kielpa, also bought a ram at $7400, which measured 20.9M, 2.6SD, 12.3CV and 99.6CF.

Alma Stud, Hay, NSW, bought three rams at $6200, $6000 and $5800, while Oak Farms Stud, Buckleboo, bought two rams at $7000 and $4000.

The highest price paid of the 20 Merino rams offered was $3400, achieved twice.

Garawang Pty Ltd, Georgetown, bought one - a 19.4M, 2.5SD, 12.7CV and 99.8CF ram, along with a Poll Merino ram for $4000.

WB Jacobs, Wudinna, bought the other, a 20.7M, 2.6SD, 12.6CV and 99.7CF, which measured 140pc on GFW.

Volume buyer South Gap Pastoral, Port Augusta returned to buy 27 rams to $2600, averaging $1796, as well as 10 rams in the mini auction.

Smith Partners, Belton, Orroroo, bought 14 rams to $3200, averaging $2229, plus four rams in the mini auction.

L&SL Nutt, Port Augusta, bought 12 rams to $2800, averaging $2000, while WJ Sampson & Sons, Wudinna, bought 10 rams to $2800, averaging $2480, and RJ Norris, Cowell, bought six rams to $3400, averaging $2733.

There was 50 buyers registered, including four new buyers, with 38 rams sold in the $600 to $1500 range, providing value for money sires.

Glenville principal Daryl Smith said the sale result was pleasing and better than expected with the tough seasonal conditions.

“The rams presented well, even though they’ve been through the toughest conditions we’ve ever experienced here,” he said.

“We are over the moon that 190 of the 200 rams were sold today.

“We’re grateful for our clients’ support – I know some of them are doing it as tough as we are.

“It’s great to see the regular clients and many new faces in the crowd as its good time to be in the industry with record sheep and wool prices. Those with feed are smiling.”

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Elders with Landmark stud stock’s Gordon Wood as auctioneer.