Great play despite wind

Kimba 12-7 (79) def Cowell 5-10 (40)

It was a windy mongrel of a day at Kimba, blowing across the ground slightly favouring the southern end.

After Kimba wasted several early opportunities, Joel Fitzgerald drew first blood slotting one from 30 metres out. 

Cowell’s Nick Simms soon replied with a classy running goal against the breeze, Shannan ‘Bozo’ Larwood soon followed with a snap inside Kimba’s 50 metre on the left.

After some lovely ruck work by Isaiah Nield for Kimba and a silky pass by Zane Stutley to Fitzgerald, Kimba had their third on the board.

The Tigers were starting to look on top with another inside 50 through Corey Everson but Burger Fitzgerald failed to convert.

However, they managed to lock it in and Reece Rayson snapped truly with a traditional floater.

Kimba were looking like they were a good chance even though undermanned.

After a controversial 50-metre penalty after the siren, Nick Simms kicked Cowell’s second.

Scores at the break were 4-2 to 2-1.

The second quarter started with Kimba getting the first through Bozo again after a mark in the square and a set shot from 40 degree angle.

Nield was in control of the ruck and Dylan Bone was cutting off everything at half back.

Cowell had a purple patch with several inside 50s but struggled to hit the scoreboard.

Finally after a strong mark and a good kick, Kierran ‘Buzz’ Fiegert put Cowell’s third on the board.

Cowell were peppering the goals all quarter but could not convert and the second term ended with scores 5-3 to 3-8, the home side enjoying a slim margin.

Kimba were quick to score with a goal from Dion Woolford to start the third

Cowell proved once again that the wind was no barrier for them as Klay Smith kicked a major after several minutes of scrappy play.

Dylan Bone for Kimba was proving the dominant defender of the day.

Strong play by Kimba willing the ball forward and working for each other ended in a clever goal by Woolford who played an an snapped truly. 

Again it was Kimba who struck with Fitzgerakd kicking truly from a contest in the goal square

And within a minute, he was lining up again and the goal umpire never moved.

And again after a silly 50 metre penalty.

Fitzgerald had three in four minutes.

Minutes later Kurt Maitland dribbled one through everyone for Kimba’s 12th.

The Tigers were starting to get on top.

Siren soon followed and the score at the third break was 12-6 to 4-8.

First goal of the last went to Cowell. The game was starting to turn physical and stayed in their half of the ground for what seemed like an eternity.

Kimba were stemming the flow well.

The final scores were 12-6 to 6-9.

Better players for Kimba: Dylan Bone, Richard Scott, Dion Woolford, Joel Fitzgerald and Reece Rayson

For Cowell, the best were Nick Simms, Jack burton, Lewis Helps and Alec Klingberg

It was a day that was not set up for pretty football but still there were great passages of play and I am sure the spectators went home satisfied.

While Kimba and Eastern Ranges have both secured their second semi-final spots, the two teams will face off this weekend to see who can finish the season off on top.