We can make it through this tough time

The Cleve District Council would like to thank our past mayor Roger Nield for nearly 20 years of exceptional community work that he has put into our community as a councillor and then as our mayor.

Mr Nield, due to ill health, has chosen to resign as mayor but will continue as a councillor for the remainder of the council term.

I would like to thank our councillors for entrusting me with leading council until the end of this term.

The South Australian Local Government Elections will be held in October this year.

There will be seven council positions open for Cleve and I hope we have more people than needed put their nominations forward.

None of the  councillors have a right to remain forever; we all have to go through the election process.

There will be training and information sessions advertised soon for those who wish to nominate for council.

In Cleve, we have no wards so if elected you need to be able to represent the whole of our council area from the back of Darke Peak through Cleve and down to the tip of the Arno Bay jetty.

All areas have different needs which will need to be addressed.

Last week we had one of the worst wind events recorded since the 1977 drought.

Back then the farmers were using much different farming methods and so it was not surprising that we had top soil moving.

But our district farmers are some of the best in the world and they have developed conservation tillage methods which are cutting edge technology so it is very disappointing to see what has happened due to lack of rain.

This reduction in farming income will affect not only our rural farming business but all of our town’s businesses as well.

The rain this week has been very welcome but not all in our district have had sufficient rain to completely settle the land down.

We have been though this situation before and as a district have come out much better, but we need to just look out for each other in this difficult time.


Cleve District Council mayor