Brands earns 8-ball singles champ title

Port Neill 8-Ball Doubles and Singles Championship

The Doubles Championship of the Port Neill 8-ball Association was held on Sunday, July 1 at the Port Neill Hotel. 

Eight different teams played on the day with players represented from every team in the association.  

Both the doubles and singles competitions are elimination tournaments where the winner of three games goes on to the next round until the final match up for the grand final.

The doubles final came down to Lewis Pfitzner (Brayfield) and Luke Bizewski (Port Neill Hotel) versus Wayne and Jeremy Letton (Tumby Bay D-Fence). 

It was a tense three games before Pfitzner and Bizewski won the final game and claimed the 2018 doubles title.

The singles championships were held on July 22.

There were a few apologies due to work and other commitments, but 11 players competed from Ungarra, Port Neill and Tumby Bay teams. 

All competitors had to have played at least three games during the season to be able to qualify for the championship.

The grand final came down to Jamie Brands and Jack Pugsley (both from Tumby Bay’s D-Fence team). 

The third game saw both players on the black ball. 

But the snookered position they both put themselves in resulted in a stale game, which lead to a re-rack and having to start a new game. 

Jamie Brands went on to win the final game and became the 2018 Port Neill 8-Ball Association Singles Champion. 

It should be noted that Jack Pugsley has been runner-up for the second year running - better luck next year.

It was a good way to spend an otherwise grey windy cold winter afternoon with some excellent 8-ball played.

Thank you also to Sam Roediger and Alison Speirs for organising and cooking the sausages.

The finals of the 8-ball season commence in the next few weeks as the top four teams battle it out for a place in the grand final.