Wind havoc on courts

A grade

Eastern Ranges def Ports 61 – 14 

The A grade game against Eastern Ranges and Ports had two girls,  Holly Bammann and Shakira Traeger, making their debut for Ports. 

The game was played in extremely windy conditions.

Both teams goalies struggled to shoot in the first quarter with the quarter time score being nine to two.

The Ranges girls came out determined in the second quarter and started the quarter off strongly. 

They had to work hard into the wind, but were making some great game play decisions and were feeding their goalies well.

Keeley Mason came on and scored 17 goals for the quarter which was good to see with the final series only a couple of weeks away.

The half time score was 31 to five.

Both teams made changes at half time.

Ports brought some more experience on in their mid court, but after Ranges made changes they did not miss a beat.

They continued their strong play finishing the quarter off at 49 to six.

With the fire gone out of the game, Ranges came out determined to continue working hard for each other and to finish the game off strongly. 

All eight players for Ranges worked hard all game and rewarded their hard work off by scoring off their turnovers. 

To Ports’ credit they continued to try hard for all four quarters and it was great to see them give their youth a run.

C grade

Eastern Ranges def Ports 30 – 23 

Ranges and Ports started off with scrappy play, but great shooting despite the conditions and tight defence on each end.

The tight defence continued into the second quarter, as both teams kept sending the ball up and down the court.

At half time, both teams brought on fresh legs, as the wind picked up and played havoc.

Ports’ goalies Kelsi Edwards and Lisa Traeger were not letting the wind stop their goals.

Meanwhile, Ranges did not capitalise on some of their turnovers by sending long passes down the court.

In the final quarter, Ranges picked up their game with better shooting and lots of touches down the court to come away with the win.

D grade

Kimba lost to Cowell 28 – 53

In cold windy conditions, the first quarter was tightly contested with both teams having to work hard to keep possession. 

Cowell’s height down the court made it hard for Kimba, but Kimba kept the pressure on to outscore them by a goal in the second quarter.

The second half saw Cowell step it up with some great passages of play which were rewarded with accurate shooting. 

Despite going down the Kimba girls put in a great effort and have improved each time they have played Cowell and this has shown on the score board. 

Kimba kept fighting all game but Cowell ran out winners.

Eastern Ranges def Ports 40 – 0

Very windy conditions for netball on Saturday had the goalies working hard all day.

Both teams fought hard all game and had to rely on there netball skills to come forward at the ball as the wind made it difficult to do long passes.

Ports’ defenders capitalised on the wind and were strong with their rebounds.

They were able to move the ball down the court but unfortunately their goalies were also struggling to put the ball through the ring.

Ranges were able to take advantage of the less windier end and extend their lead.

This resulted in the mercy rule being implemented at half time.

The mercy rule gave both teams the chance to change their teams up and give all the girls a go in different positions.

Both teams still used the ball well and finished strong.

E grade

Kimba lost to Cowell

Cowell came out strong scoring the first three goals in what would be a windy game of netball.

Kimba struggled to get it into their goal end, while Cowell proved strong in their defensive end.

Kimba trailed by six goals after the first half.

Kimba made some changes going into the third quarter which had a slight momentum change for the game.

Cowell continued to shoot well and proved too strong beating Kimba by nine.

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges def Ports 35 – 1

Ports came out determined to perform better than last time, after a well-deserved win against Ranges at Mangalo Carnival the previous Sunday.  

The conditions were terrible for netball, but this did not stop Ranges scoring a quick five goals to begin the match.

Ports struggled to get the ball into their attacking half, with Gab Taheny in goal attack turning over the ball and taking intercepts at every possible opportunity.

In the second quarter, Ranges made changes with Ports team remaining the same.

Macy Hartwig worked tirelessly for Ports, but Alana Hannemann and Ava Jenner proved too strong in defence.

At half time the mercy rule was implemented.

Both teams scoring chances slowed down after this, with Ranges making positional changes in the goal ring.

Ports did not stop fighting, but this time Ranges were too strong.