Allen strong in goals

B grade

Ports 19 lost to Kimba 58 

Kimba came out strong with accurate shooting as Ports worked hard to try and get the ball down their end with some nice shooting.

The wind picked up during the second quarter making it hard for both teams’ goalies.

Lisa Fitzgerald’s height benefited Kimba with great rebounding in the ring, giving them the advantage.

Kimba brought Desi Hannan into goal attack and she was shooting beautifully.

Ports defenders’ Bree Cummings and Annie Richter were defending hard, making the goalies work hard. Ports were finding it hard to capitalise on turnovers in the wind.

Kimba started the fourth quarter off with a quick goal.

Hollie Bammann came into centre giving Ports fresh legs through the centre court.

Kimba adjusted well to the wind and continued to increase the lead and finished the game with a convincing win.

Cowell lost to Eastern Ranges 24 – 53

With a very sunny day at Cowell the girls knew it was going to be a fast hot game.

The Cowell girls settled quickly and got a few goals on the score card but Ranges followed with some quick plays into their goal ring that the Cowell defenders could not get their hands to.

Both teams worked well together and the Cowell goalies had a change around at half time which saw them working strongly and moving well in the ring.

Shannon Jeffrey stepped up and showed her beautiful shooting style with some impressive shots as well as some amazing swish shots by Claire Norsworthy.

The Cowell defenders worked hard all day with Meagan Franklin showing age is no factor soaring through the air and Jess Jaeschke giving some great instructions to rising defender Amy Oldfield.

Ranges’ determination made a big difference on the score board as they fought at every ball and picked up when Cowell started to drop off.

C2 grade

Cowell 40 drew Eastern Ranges 40

What a day and what a game.

Cowell started the quarter a little different with Briana Bastiaens and Aimee Jones in goals and Sara Walker in wing attack, having not played in the position all year, it threw the team a little.

Cowell’s Heather Slee and Bec Henderson did a great job in defence. It was a messy first quarter, which ended in Ranges leading nine to seven.

In the second quarter, Cowell settled in a little better and found their feet with Slee and Aimee Jones in goals, the score soon leveled out, couple of turn arounds and by the end of the quarter it was even 19 all. 

In the third, Henderson, Rowena Norris, Sara Walker and Zoe Gregory worked really hard in the defence but was running out of steam.

Ranges put up a great fight goals were going in nice for both teams but Ranges pushed harder and were up by three at the end of the third quarter. 

In the last quarter, Cowell wanted the win. They pushed hard and Ranges pushed back, it was goal for goal.

Cowell got a couple of turn arounds and it was neck and neck – it really was goal for goal.

It was a hard strong last quarter played by both teams fighting for the win but it was not happening.

D grade

Ports 16 lost to Kimba 49

Ports came out firing wanting to keep up with Kimba, and that’s exactly what they did.

A few mistakes let Kimba take the lead, but Ports kept their heads up to keep the score close.

Kimba came out strong this quarter with accurate shooting, which saw them take the early lead.

Ports’ defence worked hard and turned lots of the ball, but could not capitalise.

Both teams had multiple turnovers in the third quarter, as Ports kept trying hard and did not give up.

Kimba put their foot down in the last quarter stretching their lead. 

Ports kept fighting with a positive can do attitude, and have really improved throughout the year.

Cowell 24 lost to Eastern Ranges 59

Despite missing their captain, Lori Turner, Cowell came out fighting hard to keep the score as close as possible.

Cowell tried to gain more drive through the centre by giving their usual goalie Courtney Grigg a run.

However, Ranges’ centre court was too quick to stop.

Ranges created havoc throughout the centre, causing Cowell to retreat to long ‘risky’ passes.

Although Cowell’s Montana Schumann and Mikayla Flavel fought hard in defence all game to put pressure on Ranges’ goal accuracy, Madi Allen proved to be too strong.

E grade

Cowell def Eastern Ranges 31 – 10

As we head into the business end of the season these two young sides were keen to start off with a win.

The ball seemed to make its way up the court several times before the first goal was scored for the quarter.

Ranges had some positional changes from the last time these to sides met and there were some interesting match ups.

Very slow quarter with the Cats just clawing their way in front by two goals.

Second quarter saw the Cats put Charlotte Starr into the middle and she provided lots of drive over the whole court and fed well into the goalies with the assistance of Lilliana Crettenden.

Ranges’ Georgia Macgowan with her height in the ring for Ranges was making it difficult for Cowell to shoot over but they hung on to the lead.

The major break was welcomed with most Cowell players having not trained for several weeks, a bit of a different game came into play and they were all asked to perform set tasks on the court.

They all seemed to adjust quickly and Gabby Simms and Sharni Flavel found the space in the ring and sunk some long shots to bring the scores still in Cowell’s favour at three quarter time.

The last 15 minutes and Cowell put the foot down and worked tirelessly in defence with a strong combination of Tilly McFarlane (GK), Lily Fiegert (GD) and Adara Chase filling the (WD) positions made it impossible for the Ranges goalies Sarah Weiss and Ashton Hampel to score.

Olivia Franklin turned four balls over in the centre and it was moved on quickly and the Cats kept adding to their tally.

Final whistle blew with a spectacular finish to the game by the Cowell E graders.

E2 grade

Cowell def Eastern Ranges 25 – 17 

The game got off to a good start with both teams going hard at the ball.

However the crazy weather didn’t help each team to score goals.

Both defensive ends working really hard to turn the ball over for their team, Cowell were just a little stronger this time around.

Cowell defence keeping Ranges to a low score each quarter. However, Ranges didn’t give up.

Doing the exact same to the Cowell goalies, however the Cowell goalies were able to score off most of their centre passes and some turn overs.

Ranges did not stop, they kept trying to turn the ball and when they did, they scored goals.

The last quarter Ranges came out really strong looking for the win.

They were fighting harder and trying to get as many turn overs as possible.

Cowell stood strong and held their lead.

Even though Cowell held the lead, Ranges took out the fourth quarter. Making a more interesting game. 

It was a great game all around, however Cowell were to strong this time.

Ports lost to Kimba 5 -28

Both teams started the first quarter well and were working hard and fighting for possession of the ball.

Kimba came up trumps with a seven-nil lead at the first break.

Kimba’s height worked to their advantage as the game progressed and lead by 12 goals by half time.

Ports defence end continued to try hard and were taking numerous intercepts but struggled to capitalise on them.

Special mention to Jessica Kaden who shot her first goal in an E2 game.

Both teams continued to work hard during the forth quarter, however Kimba increased their lead and won.

Despite the loss, Ports’ coaches are proud of their girls as they have improved immensely throughout the season. In round one, they lost to Kimba 58 goals to 0.