One more round to go

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Ports lost to Cowell 17 – 50

With a 0 - 2 record against Cowell, Ports were keen to try and get a win on the board. Ports had a full side but Cowell was missing mid-court player Megan Hornhardt. 

The game started off goal for goal with shooters for both sides not even noticing the windy conditions. Cowell pulled away by the end to finish the quarter nine to 14.

Cowell soon crushed Ports’ winning goal with new recruit Georgia Kramm.

She tore up the court with her speed and agility and created many turnovers that Cowell capitalised on.

Ports made many simple errors and Cowell were making the most of it.

Half time score was 12 to 28.

Ports’ Stephanie Rose and Rheanna Peters went on to the court to provide fresh legs but Cowell were putting on too much pressure through the mid-court for Ports to even get many shots at goal.

Cowell further extended their lead to finish at 15 to 37.

Despite all efforts from Ports’ defenders Rebecca Harkness and Gretchen Prime, Cowell’s Caitlin Jeffrey provided accurate shooting right until the end and helped them cement their 33 goal win.

Eastern Ranges def Kimba 46 – 44

Both teams came out hungry for a win but started slowly.

It was a physical contest with both teams desperate for the ball. Defences from both teams were making the goalies shoot from long range.

At quarter time Kimba was up by two, eight to six. 

The Ranges team started the second quarter confidently to go up by three.

The Ranges mid court were working very hard to break the tough Kimba defence.

Both Ranges and Kimba goalies became more accurate in this quarter. Scores were level at half time.

Kimba made changes at half time putting fresh legs in their mid-court.

This quarter again was another physical contest with players from both sides working hard to win the ball, to get best position for the ball in attack and defenders were making sure all passes needed to be correct or would be intercepted. 

The standard of play improved as the players worked themselves back into game form. 

Kimba was up by one at the three quarter time break, setting the stage for a great last quarter.  

Ranges made changes in their attack end but the last quarter was no different to the rest of the game, all players were hungry for the win. 

Bodies were put on the line and the game became extremely physical. All errors were pounced upon by the defences who all worked tirelessly for each other.

The stage has been set for the next home/away game in three weeks time.

C grade

Ports lost to Cowell 27 – 32

Both teams came out for the win, the game started with a fast pace, going goal for goal, making it even at quarter time.

Ports’ Kelsi Edwards went down at the start of the second quarter, and Ports had to find their feet again.

Cowell continued their fast pace, strong passes and great defence all the way down the court, taking the lead to three goals.

In the third quarter, Ports had to make positional changes out of their control.

Cowell flowed well down the court and Tanya Williams and Bec Arnold worked brilliantly in the ring, shooting well as Emma Chopin took some good intercepts.

Both teams continued to battle hard until the end, Cowell defenders working hard, putting pressure on the Ports goalies.

Ports’ centre court continued beautiful leads and passing down the court. 

Eastern Ranges lost to Kimba 31 – 58 

With Eastern Ranges yet to beat Kimba this season, they were prepared to put up a fight, despite having to try out new defensive combinations with key defender Sarah Meyer missing.

The first quarter was the closest of the game, with the margin sitting at just three goals at quarter time.

However, Kimba kicked into gear for the next three quarters, with their defensive pressure stopping the ball from spending too much time in Ranges’ goal ring.

Kimba’s goalies were accurate despite the northerly winds, although Ranges’ Olivia Dunn lifted her eyes and started picking up a few loose balls, but Kimba extended the lead out to 10 goals at half time.

Kimba continued their dominance in the last half, with two 17-goal quarters, as Kelli Hunt and Samantha Darling stopped a number of passes getting to the Ranges’ goalies.

Ranges continued to fight throughout the game, but Kimba came away as the victors.

D grade

Ports lost to Cowell 71 – 14 

Cowell started the quarter strongly with more determination for the ball.

Cowell continued to outplay Ports, stretching their lead out to 30 to one.

The Ports’ supporters rallied around the developing Ports team and the encouragement seemed to lift their team.

Ports created more goal opportunities to shoot seven goals but still out matched by Cowell’s 17 goals.

Cowell continued to dominate the play stretching their lead to 59 goals.

Eastern Ranges def Kimba 83 – 25 

Saturday was a competitive four quarters from both teams.

Ranges were leading early and maintained this for the whole day but Kimba showed some solid skills and were able to continuously apply pressure making Ranges work hard for their goals.

Ranges’ goalies shot accurately all day and Kimba’s centre court worked tirelessly to upset Ranges’ drive.

E grade

Ports lost to Cowell 42 – 15

Both teams had great attack and defence with neither teams giving up as the ball went back and forth.

Ports’ Elke Bammann (wing attack) and Erica Millard (centre) and Cowell defenders Lily Gregory and Olivia Franklin stood out as the quarter time score was five all.

Positions on both teams changed in the second quarter, with an incredible first goal by Ports’ Lexi Hutchins and her outstanding shooting continued.

Cowell goalies Gabby Sims and Sharni Flavel were also outstanding shooters.

The wind affected the goals for Ports, but there were plenty of opportunities, as Cowell took the lead out to six goals.

The first goal of the third quarter went to Cowell’s Sharni Flavel as positions changed but neither team stopped fighting.

Great defence from Lauren and Miranda Millard with rebounds and intercepts.

Cowell were outstanding in every position as the lead got out to 14 goals.

The wind really was not on Ports’ side, but they never gave up, as Cowell were very strong in shooting goals.

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges def Kimba 22 – 21

It was a slow start by both teams, but eventually Ranges found their feet and scored a quick four goals.

With Ranges undefeated on top of the ladder, Kimba were determined to win and came out battling.

Kimba goalies worked hard, but defence combinations by Ava Jenner and Milly Evans made it difficult to score.

At quarter time Ranges clearly lead the way, but position changes by both teams in the second quarter unsettled the Ranges players.  

The second quarter was a lot more even throughout the court and Kimba quickly pegged back a few goals.

At half time the score stood at 14 to four.

In the third quarter, the height in Kimba’s defence proved difficult for Gab Taheny and Sarah Cox, but once in the ring accurate shooting kept the score line up.

Heading into the last quarter Ranges were up by eight goals.

A few quick intercepts by Kimba in the first five minutes had every spectator watching intensely.

Bella Woolford, Kimba’s goal attack was very difficult to stop, evening the scores mid-way through the quarter.

Kimba put out a good fight in the last quarter, but in the end Ranges came out victors in the final 30 seconds by one goal.