Cleve golfers face the wind

While the 10 millimetres of rain last week was welcomed, the strong northerly winds were not so welcome.

Especially as the wind coincided with the fifth qualifying round of the stroke competition.

The scores posted reflected the windy conditions that golfers had to endure.

Winner in division one was Daniel Bastian with and excellent 76/69 from A. J. Clements with 80/73.

Division two winner was Wayne Schumann with 89/68 from Tom Gillings 88/72.

Other scores in division one included G. Cook 81/73, G. Merrett 86/75, T. Rodda 89/77, A. Lee 91/78 and S. Elleway 97/84.

Meanwhile in division two, scores were P. Crosby 91/84, M. Claxton 95/79, D. Turnbull 107/90 and A. Crettenden 128/93

The novelty hole winners for the day were A. Lee, G. Merrett, P. Crosby and A. Clements.

Next week will see a change in the printed program with the Quinn's Transport Ambrose being moved to Saturday, August 4 and being replaced with a stableford competition.