Commitment delivers new apprenticeships

The winds of change are blowing through South Australia and after years on the back foot our economy is set for much better times.

Federally a growing economy is providing 1100 new jobs a day and the surge is already starting to cause problems with a lack of skilled labour.

Here in South Australia the new naval shipbuilding will provide thousands of job opportunities for our young people.

The federal and state governments are coming together to provide $187 million to fund 20,000 new apprenticeships over the next four years.

This is a phenomenal growth in available funds for apprenticeships and our young people need to be encouraged as much as possible to consider a trade.

In South Australia – under the previous government – apprenticeships dropped from 30,390 five years ago to 14,725 at the end of last year so there is a huge need to boost this number.

I am keen to see parents and career advisors sit down with young school leavers all over Eyre Peninsula and discuss not only what will be on offer in naval ship building, but what the demand will be locally.

The future promises an exciting time to be a tradesperson. To ensure they can compete with the unprecedented demand for skilled workers our local businesses will need to be aggressive in their recruitment of new apprentices and that is certainly good news for our children.

Our businesses will also need to look at where they can grow and explore opportunities to supply labour in the future.

While the model is still being constructed, businesses interested in supplying electrical, fabrication, carpentry, boiler making, air conditioning, construction work and various other services to the continuous naval shipbuilding industry can register with the Naval Shipbuilding College and they will be kept informed of opportunities.

Regardless of whether a business has any links to the new ship build, the need for tradespeople will ripple through the state. We must ensure an increasing proportion of our children pursue STEM subjects at school, which will give access to the trades and professional engineering degrees.

Importantly, we must also work hard to re-invigorate agricultural training courses. The future is very bright and we need to seize the opportunity.


Federal Member for Grey