Support is key to small town viability

With the closure of the supermarket in the township of Arno Bay, it can bring forth the idea that our small towns are also closing.

So it was great to hear other businesses in Arno Bay are rallying and doing their best to keep their town thriving and open for business.

When I first moved to Cleve, I was told stories from locals about what the towns used to be like.

I’ve heard stories of the numbers of shops and businesses that were once open in smaller towns that now only have one business.

This surprises me, but also saddens me because it shows the unfortunate reality of living in regional and rural communities.

But it is not only the businesses that have suffered, but also the sporting codes.

We look at the current Eastern Eyre football and netball clubs, every single one is made up of multiple clubs that amalgamated to survive.

The decline in our smaller towns is the most important reason to spend more time in our own backyard, supporting local businesses and organisations.

As I scroll through my social media at the moment, numerous people have migrated to Europe or America for their winter holidays.

While those destinations are beautiful, so are the destinations that have been kept a secret throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

Although many destinations throughout the region are popular for grey nomads, caravaners and campers, there is another market that we need to tap into.

Young adults and university students are being attracted to destinations that cost an arm and a leg to get to, whereas our beautiful towns only take a road trip – and who doesn’t love a road trip?

And the more people that come and visit, the more word of mouth the region gets and then even more people will come.

But in the meantime, we need to stay local and holiday in our backyard, and support our local businesses while we get more new visitors here to visit our beautiful region.

The Eyre Peninsula is the state’s best kept secret, so why would you not want to make the most of it?


Eyre Peninsula Tribune journalist