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LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

​Response to site selection questioned

The Tribune’s article ‘Site selection questioned’ was published online on Friday, June 15 and amended to include comments from the Working for Kimba’s Future Group later that evening.

As I was not given the same opportunity to respond to those comments, I would like to take the chance to do so now.

As I mentioned within this article, I strongly believe it is the government’s responsibility to find the RIGHT location for our nation’s most dangerous waste. I, along with many others, are certain that agricultural land is not that place.

Mrs Lienert, there is no suggestion that we should halt “our” process to “our right” to vote.

It is not absurd to suggest that the Government take the time to ensure they are finding the right place.

The only reason to hasten this process, according to Minister Canavan, is because ‘we don’t want it overlapping with a federal election.’

Further, no one has suggested that South Australia should be denied a voice or a vote, in-fact, I have been very vocal in my concerns that only people within the Kimba District are eligible to do so and that this opportunity does not extend to the wider EP region.

Leonora’s proposal offers what Kimba cannot, a final deep geological disposal site for Australia’s Intermediate level waste.

Instead, our government proposes to spend the next 60 odd years and taxpayers’ time and money looking for somewhere else to put, whilst it sits ‘temporarily’ above ground at Kimba.

I agree with Senator Patrick, this process is “an absolute sham.”



Only citizens should be able to vote

With local council elections coming this year it is interesting to note that even those who are not Australian citizens can vote if they have resided at an address within a particular council area for more than a month of more.

This seems undemocratic.

Residences desiring at vote should be encouraged to become Australian citizens first. 

Council elections should be consistent with state and federal regulations.

Our politicians should be asked to ensure consistency.


Port Lincoln

Incredible Opportunities

There are a loads of smiling faces in Kimba at the moment and lots of excitement. 

Twenty-three different community bodies are making a start on projects funded through the National Radioactive Waste Facility Community Benefits Fund.

These range from palliative care units through to upgrades of community amenities, sporting and recreational facilities, ag research and development, tourism and economic ventures.

And all creating extra work for our local and regional contractors, tradies and suppliers.

Thirty-three separate projects, most ones that we never dreamed possible or that would have needed years of cake stalls and fundraisers.

Already the social economic improvements of the Waste Facility Project are being seen right across our district.

And that’s without even considering the huge benefits and job opportunities that hosting a National Radioactive Low to Intermediate Waste Facility would bring.

Call it compensation, call it bribery, I call it incredible opportunities for our small town and surrounding areas.