Now is the time to look after our farmers

FOR the first six months of this year, local farmers have had to face some unfair weather conditions.

There has been wind, now they are getting hit with frost but it still has not rained!

So far for this year the Cleve aerodrome has received just over 70 millimetres of rain, while Kimba’s aerodrome has been slightly more fortunate.

Farmers throughout the Eastern Eyre region are no doubt lost and probably a little unsure of what dogiven the dry conditions – some farmers are, unfortunately, breaking records for the lack of rain.

The region did not receive its normal summer rains which for many could have likely been a saving grace.

It could have, at the very least, put farmers’ minds at ease.

Despite the bureau’s best efforts, more often than not, the weather is unpredictable and even when it can be predicted correctly, it is usually not the outcome farmers hope for. 

This makes it so important to take care of one another, especially local farmers who are facing a very difficult year, for some it might be their most difficult yet. 

It is not just farmers that struggle through a tough year either; local businesses definitely feel the pinch but it has flow on affects for all agricultural communities. 

Even in difficult times though, it is good to be able to share a laugh and one local farmer did just that for lots of people this week. 

By spelling out his and his wife’s names in sheep feed this week, Damien Elson created a bit of farm art.

The photo took off on social media, no doubt due to the fact that farmers from all parts of the region are in need of a good giggle. 

It was the definition of making lemonade after being handed a tonne of lemons. 

And while it might be dry now, there is one thing to be sure of – it will rain again.

In the meantime though, small communities across the Eastern Eyre should continue to look out for one another like they do so well.

Check in with yourself and your family, keep in touch with your mates and reach out to anyone you think might be going through a rough patch.

There are lots of things we can change, but the weather isn’t one of them. ​


Eyre Peninsula Tribune journalist